What Happened After 33-Year-Old Joined The Day Before Her Wedding

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It was August 12. Whitney Davis was just one day away from marrying the love of her life.


And the worst had happened—her and her fiancé had both come down with a nasty sinus infection.


Unless they wanted to walk down the aisle with red noses to the sniffles-remixed version of Here Comes The Bride, they needed help. Fast.

But she had always avoided the doctor, because whenever she did go—it would cost a fortune. But one of the biggest days of her life was less than 24 hours away, and she was going to do something.

Normally, she would have gone to the doctor—she didn’t have a primary care physician, so whoever she saw wouldn’t have really known her. She would’ve wasted time sitting in the waiting room and dropped a lot of cash to try to feel better. 

But, she remembered a practice a friend had mentioned to her months before—First Primary Care. She had already met the leading doctor, Dr. Goyal but had put off signing up. She remembered one major thing she had learned about the practice—they could see her immediately, and they could see her virtually.

Finally Signing Up

So, she contacted First Primary Care and “I said, ‘Hey, if I sign up today will Dr. Goyal see me over the phone?’”

And sure enough, Davis and her husband signed up for a membership and did a video conference with Dr. Goyal that day. He was able to prescribe them some antibiotics and steroids for the sinus infection. 

“And that’s what finally made us sign up,” said Davis. “We had a reason.”

And thus, her and her husband received what (in our humble opinion), was the greatest honeymoon gift ever. And it just kept on giving…

Davis and her 2-year-old daughter joined their family with Davis’ now-husband and his two children. And it turns out, this meant their membership was about to be put to even more use.

The Busted Lip And The Sliced Finger

Not long after, Davis’ daughter fell and busted her face on the playground. Like any good parent, Davis found enough reason to panic and justify a huge copay for an ER visit.

“She busted her lip, and it was bleeding a lot,” said Davis. “I would’ve gone to the ER. But my husband was like ‘that’s $1000!’ please just call Dr. Goyal.”

And was right—it’s expensive. The average cost of an ambulance is about $1,500, and the average cost of an ER visit can be anywhere from $150-3,000.

So, they opted to try out that new membership. They video called Dr. Goyal and he was able to evaluate the injury, help the family avoid a pricey ER visit, and offer a peace of mind in a chaotic situation. All inclusive to their membership.

“So we FaceTimed Dr. Goyal, and he said ‘Give her some ice cream and Tylenol and calm down, Mom’” she laughed.

Then, a week later, Davis slipped and sliced open her finger with chef’s knife. Ouch. She was able to contact her doctor and receive treatment. Boom—another ER visit avoided.

“I don’t know what we would have done before,” said Davis. “We would’ve spend thousands of dollars, because we would have used ERs for everything.”

And they continue to use their membership. A lot. For more than just emergencies. When Davis and her husband first joined, they came in and got their initial lab work done, just as any new member does.

Discovering The Early Menopause

“We did our labs—which we probably wouldn’t have done—and found out we both had some ongoing things that we needed to be seen for,” she explained. “So we come back regularly to work on those.”

When they sat down with Dr. Goyal to review their labs and get to know each other, Davis was shocked to find that she had ongoing issues that needed to be treated. Specifically, they discovered that she had already gone through menopause at age 33.

Early menopause can cause an increased risk of colon or ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, gum disease, and cataract formation. These risks are prevalent in all women after their body undergoes menopause and estrogen levels decrease, but younger women face higher risk of diseases because they will live a greater portion of their lives with the risks.

How had this never been caught before? How did she not know? She had a gynecologist, but even they had missed it because they don’t do annual labs.

But now that it was caught, her and Dr. Goyal could work together to lower the risks and keep up regular maintenance to ensure her health.

“Now that we’re more engaged in my healthcare, we can start doing things to lower the risk of cancer and heart attacks and dementia and other things that are very high risk now,” said Davis. “But we probably wouldn’t have done anything about it. Because I used to only go to the doctor if I had a cold.”

The Treatment

From the emergencies to prevention, Dr. Goyal was now on her side. She would also need to take hormone therapy medication as part of her treatment, which would cost her about $400 a month. But because her doctor went the extra mile (because, he has the time now) he was able to find her the medication for just $60. That’s huge—considering she’s going to have to be on that until she’s 51. You do the math.

And when Davis needed to see a specialist, Dr. Goyal found one he trusted, scheduled the call, and sat in with her.

“He asked [the specialist] questions to make sure they were all on the same page,” said Davis. “So I’m not having to go back and regurgitate from a specialist something that I don’t understand to a doctor. Now, everyone is on the exact same page.” 

And that’s invaluable. Especially considering that medical errors are the third leading causing of death—often stemming from miscommunication.

Davis and her husband continue to see Dr. Goyal to work on treatment, keep healthy, and simply utilize their own personal quarterback through this complicated healthcare system. Keeping the cost way down in the process.

What began as a need to get quick relief before her wedding day, ended up saving her thousands of dollars and possibly a life-threatening health problem. 

So what will be your reason to join?

Schedule a free healthcare review today.

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