Treating Asthma Effectively In Direct Primary Care | Houston, Sugarland, Woodlands

How to get a spirometry test, a doctor you can call, text, or visit anytime, and on-going treatment at no additional charge.
by Geetinder Goyal, MD

Founder & CEO of First Primary Care

If you struggle with asthma, take a deep breath. Affordable, high-quality treatment is not out of reach. 


Because we see so many patients with asthma, we know how to quickly diagnose both children and adults, educate families, get affordable treatment, and lead you into a happier and healthier life.


What are the symptoms of asthma?
First things first—what are the symptoms? 


While asthma usually starts pretty early in life, adult-onset asthma can also occur. 


Typically, the symptoms of asthma are:

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Inability to exercise to your full capacity

If severe enough, these symptoms could even lead to respiratory failure, requiring hospitalizations and even intensive care unit admissions. 

Untreated Asthma
Asthma can lead to significant issues in children and is one of the most common reasons that kids skip school.


It can lead to a decline of your lung function, which will impact your adult life, your capacity to exercise, and your capacity to do daily things.


I’ve seen asthma attacks severe enough that need life support and not caught in time can even lead to death.

Understanding asthma
In the Direct Primary Care model, we get to work with the whole family. So much of the management of asthma is about understanding asthma and educating children and their families on how it happens.


Firstly, It’s important to understand that asthma is multifactorial, with several different things playing a role:

  • Genetics 
  • Allergies
  • Viral infections 


Additionally, you have to understand where asthma comes from, the symptoms, how to recognize them, and how to get timely treatment.

“So much of the management of asthma is about understanding asthma”

Geetinder Goyal, MD

First Primary Care

Getting treatment
In our model, because of the excellent access our patients have and the time our physicians get to spend with the patients, we focus heavily on education, early recognition of symptoms, and early treatment.


To get diagnosed with asthma, you’ll need a test called “spirometry.”


For this test, you breathe into a tube that measures your airflow. This will give your doctor an idea of whether there is any obstruction in your airways, the hallmark of asthma. Spirometry is valuable not only to diagnose but also to evaluate your treatment on an ongoing basis.


At most clinics, this test will cost you anywhere from $300-800.


But at First Primary Care, our members get the test for $0 (yep, you read that right). Zero.


Because of our affordable, easy-access model, we can do spirometry for our members at no cost.


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Because of how expensive asthma inhalers can be, asthma medications can be a challenge.


I have even seen tons of patients get their inhalers from Canada to save costs; you can get an inhaler at 1/5th the price there compared to America.


Luckily, we’ve been able to hook up some of our patients who don’t have insurance with some samples that we’ve been able to get our hands on. 


To avoid this pricey medication as much as possible, we focus on understanding where the asthma is coming from and what lifestyle changes you can do to manage it better. 


Like everything else, we approach asthma preventatively instead of just “reactively.” 

Next steps
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Geetinder Goyal, MD

Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine
First Primary Care