Surprisingly Great Healthcare

Better care for your

mental health

Getting care for your mental health should be as common as getting care for a sprained ankle. At First Primary Care, we believe in that reality. To find out how we offer our members extraordinary care for their mental health, read below.

What makes our care different?

Talk about it all during

no-rush visits


When you show up for your appointment, your care team will be with you right on time. The average initial visit lasts around 45 minutes so your doctor can really get to know you. Because we get it—explaining your history and symptoms is pretty tough to do in a rushed 10-minute visit, especially when it comes to mental health.

Unlimited virtual follow-ups


Care doesn’t end when you leave our office. Whether there’s a question you forgot to ask or your doctor wants to follow-up on how the treatment plan is progressing, follow-ups are made easy through our secure Spruce messaging app. No more doing this alone.

Focus on mind & body connection


As a primary care membership, patients receive care that focuses four pillars of health—exercise, nutrition, stress, and sleep. Our care teams dive deep into every area, not just mental health and not just physical ailments, to make sure that patients are fully set up for success.

The only primary care model

set up to spot mental health conditions
before they get worse.