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Savvy Houston employers are fighting back against outrageous
health insurance premiums with embarrassingly little coverage…

First Primary Care is helping employers win the benefits battle

with Primary365 and Primary365+Complete health benefits companies can actually afford and employees love.

Businesses across the country are struggling with the same issues – ridiculously expensive insurance premiums, embarrassing little coverage, and forced to make tough choices about their employee benefits packages.
Do any of these health benefits challenges sound familiar?
Increasing claims driving up premium increases – to the tune of 6-10% year over year?
Health Benefits feeling more like an increasingly-expensive liability than an actual benefit?
Employees complaining about decreasing coverage and increasing deductibles and contributions?
Employees forgo preventative & routine care afraid to incur healthcare costs – while their health and productivity decline as a result?
If you’ve experienced any of these in your own business, you’re in the right place.
And you’re not alone. In fact, you probably know some businesses who have had to forgo employee health benefits altogether….
Yet you know that your benefits package is critical to attracting (and keeping) top talent. In fact, across all three generations in the workforce today, inexpensive, quality healthcare is the #1 cited benefit for employee retention. (via Paychex)
High quality healthcare barely seems possible at all in today’s environment, even with a “Cadillac” health plan. There simply aren’t many options for providing your employees with the piece of mind and healthcare they need.

Employers with 5 or more employees can get a group discount on Primary365 and Primary365+Complete memberships

With a Primary365 Membership…

Unrestricted Access to Virtual or In-Person Office Visits - $0 Co-pays

Primary365 gives your employees direct, personal access to their physician by secure phone, text, video calls or in-person office visits. Because health doesn’t work on a 9-5 schedule.

Convenient, Accessible, High-Quality Healthcare for the Whole Family

More than just a name on a chart, Primary365 provides convenient, attentive, outcome-focused healthcare from a physician they know and trust anytime, anywhere. The way it should be.

Affordable, Transparent, Predictable Monthly Pricing

Unlimited care, unlimited access. No deductibles, no insurance claims, no surprises.

Customized Health Programs Designed for Maximum Engagement

From on-site onboarding to monthly on-premise  “Doctor Days”, Primary365 makes it convenient for employees to access care & finally prioritize their health. Our programs regularly achieve 60% or more participation rates. Employees love this benefit program. 

Or With a Comprehensive Primary365+Complete Membership…

Your employees get all the amazing benefits of a Primary365 membership, but it also protects employees, and their family, from life’s uncertainties with a special program, offered exclusively by First Primary Care and Sedera Health. Sedera Health is a medical cost sharing community, in which funds are contributed and shared between members with medical “Needs.” Members see major savings versus health insurance plans, achieving full peace of mind at a much lower cost.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Hear From A Self-Funded Employer Benefiting From Primary365


Medical Services Included with Primary365

With Primary365, the monthly fee membership includes a wide-range of medical services with no co-pay or additional fees. You can visit the doctor with peace of mind knowing your healthcare is covered by a family doctor who is committed to providing outstanding patient care, without the outstanding insurance fees and inflated lab costs. We pass on wholesale pricing to our customers so that you can stop wondering about your medical bills and focus on living an active, healthy life.

Family Medicine
On Time Routine Office Visits $150/visit $0
Same Day Illness and Injury Visits $450 $0
Virtual Consults with Your Doctor Not available Priceless!
Annual Exams w/ Blood Work $500 $0
Weight Loss Coaching/Consultation $250/hr $0
Chronic Disease Management (ie; hypertension, diabetes, depression, etc.) $200/visit $0
Nebulized Breathing Treatments $125 $0
Flu Test $30 $0
Strep Test $30 $0
Skin Care
Wound Care $150 $0
Removal of Minor Lesions $250 $0
Biopsies of Skin Growths and Moles (Does not include cost of Pathology fee) $250 $0
Cryotherapy for growths $250 $0
Wart Removal $250 $0
Minor Procedures
Laceration Repair (Stitches) $150 and up $0
Joint Injections $250 and up $0
Electrocardiograms (EKG) $60 $0
Venipuncture (Lab Draw) $30 $0
Abscess Drainage $150 $0
IV Hydration $150 $0
Spirometry $125 $0
Women’s Health
Annual Well-Woman Exams $600 $0
Family Planning counseling $150/hr $0
Intrauterine Device Removal/Insertion (Cost of IUD not included) $200 $0
Urine Pregnancy Testing $30 $0
STD Testing $600 $70
Hormone Replacement Testing/Counseling/Replacement $250-600 Wholesale
Evaluation of Irregular Periods $250 $0
Men's Health
Testosterone panel $300 $30
Testosterone replacement injectable (once weekly injections) $300/month $25/mo
Testosterone replacement cream $400/mo $25/mo
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs $50/pill $5/pill
Well child exams $250 $0
Sports Physicals $100 $0
Some example rates…

X-Rays w/ Interpretation $300 $35
MRI $3000 $400
CT $2000 $250
Ultrasound $1200 $150
Screening Mammogram $400 $120
Some example savings…

Annual Labs $300 $0 (Once Annually)
Blood Glucose $30 $0
INR $30 $0
Hemoglobin A1c $50 $5
Urinanalysis $50 $5
Cholesterol Panel $50 $5
Complete Metabolic Panel $150 $5
Full Thryroid Panel $150 $15
Generic Medications
Some example rates…

Amlodipine 10mg $10
Lisinopril 10mg $10
Hyzaar 100/25 $15
Metformin 500mg ER $10
Atorvastatin (Generic Lipitor) 40mg $15
Levothyroxine (Generic Synthroid) 100mcg $20
Azithromycin (Z-pak – One pack) $10
Augmentin (10-d supply) $10
Other Common Services
DOT Exams $100 $0 for members
Colonoscopy $4000 $1075 (Preferred provider only)
Sleep Study $1200 $(150-300)

How is First Primary Care Helping Savvy Employers Win the “Battle of the Benefits”?

Primary365 and Primary365+Complete Make it Possible to use Benefits as a Competitive Advantage, again.

In today’s healthcare climate, where employers are being forced to turn to high deductible plans and pass more of the cost of healthcare onto their employees, “inexpensive, quality care” sounds about as realistic as unicorn rides at the company picnic.

Unless you have Primary365 and Primary365+Complete.

For an affordable monthly fee (that can often pay for itself), your employees can have unlimited access to care, protect against unfortunate medical expenses, and you can provide the most forward-thinking benefits package they’ve ever seen.

Primary365 and Primary365+Complete Makes Employees Healthier - and More Loyal

Across the country 75% of healthcare costs are driven by chronic illness – a cost which comes back on employers through insurance rate hikes, lost productivity, and sick days when employees are afraid to see their doctor for routine health screenings due to out-of-control out-of-pocket costs.

But with Primary365 or Complete365, employees can call, text or video chat securely with our exclusive smartphone app.  Now they can stay on top of health issues before they become a major problem – often without ever needing to take time out of the day for an office visit.

For employees with chronic health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, and more, First Primary Care healthcare solutions gives them an unequaled access to the healthcare they need to manage their condition and reduce health-related productivity drains.

In fact, 79% of employees with access to the physicians at First Primary Care say their health has improved as a result of the access their membership provides.

First Primary Care Can Save You BIG on Premium Increases….

Partnering with First Primary Care today can help reduce or eliminate next year’s premium increase.

That’s because, with a Primary365 membership, anything handled between your employees and their doctor (bloodwork, specialists, routine care) happens outside of their insurance policy – a major factor in what your renewal looks like every year.

If your plan is outspending its premiums, offering Primary365 is your first line of defense for reducing the amount of your premium increase at renewal time. (And if you’re not exceeding your premiums, it’s possible that Primary365 can help you avoid a rate hike altogether).

But, if you’re ready to save some serious money, consider offering Primary365+Complete membership instead of expensive health insurance.  Or offer both.


powered by Sedera Health

The Sedera Health medical cost sharing model boldly challenges the insurance status quo. Through an innovative layering of healthcare services, we enable individuals and families access to high-quality healthcare that is affordable, flexible and effective.

In addition to sharing medical expenses, Sedera provides access to valuable Counseling, Medical Bill Negotiation, Telemedicine, Expert Second Opinion, and Personal Member Advisor services to all members.

Sedera’s members can meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) standard separately through an employer-sponsored self-insurance arrangement that includes Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC).  This plan provides coverage for preventive services and well care visits and keeps you in compliance with the law.

Businesses like yours are looking for an alternative to the insurance status quo. That’s where medical cost sharing comes in.

How Much Does Primary365+Complete Health Benefits Cost Per Employee?

$500 IUA (Initial Unshared Amount)
Under 30 y/oOver 30 y/o
Employee Only$288.00$329.00
Employee + Spouse$617.00$670.00
Employee + Children$516.00$577.00
Employee + Family$847.00$914.00
$1,000 IUA (Initial Unshared Amount)
Under 30 y/oOver 30 y/o
Employee Only$257.00$287.00
Employee + Spouse$538.00$577.00
Employee + Children$450.00$495.00
Employee + Family$734.00$782.00
$1,500 IUA (Initial Unshared Amount)
Under 30 y/oOver 30 y/o
Employee Only$239.00$263.00
Employee + Spouse$491.00$521.00
Employee + Children$411.00$447.00
Employee + Family$666.00$704.00

*All contribution amounts above include a Primary365 membership as well.

… And Most Employers Can Offer At LEAST a Primary365 Membership Without Increasing Their Benefits Spend

Right now, you’re probably thinking we’re back to “unicorn rides at the company picnic.”
But Implementing Primary365 – adding coverage – without increasing your benefits spend doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

It just has to be strategic.

Most savvy employers choose to pair their Primary365 membership with a high deductible insurance plan that allows them to increase their employees’ actual healthcare coverage, access, convenience, and utilization… while reserving insurance for the BIG emergencies it was meant for and using premium difference to fully fund the best healthcare their employees have ever seen with First Primary Care.

Case Study: 2,000 Person Employer Implements Direct Primary Care, Projects $1M in savings
When Union County, North Carolina implemented Direct Primary Care for their 2,000 employees in 2015, the concept seemed too good to be true.

But not only were they able to make the initiative “budget neutral,” in just the first year, they’re already seeing some incredible outcomes. Their DPC Participants…

Have 38% less medical expenses than those on their standard health plan ($1,408,089 annual savings)
Have 37% less prescription costs than those on their standard health plan ($269,680 annual savings)
Spend 46% less on out-of-pocket expenses ($333,639 annual savings)
And 73% of those employees feel that their health has improved significantly, thanks to their DPC!
Union County is projecting about $1million in savings across its employee-base, and they’re not an anomaly. Here are the top 3 ways DPC contributes to major savings for employers, large and small.
Getting Started Made Easy
The best healthcare in the world only works if your employees use it. First Primary Care brings onboarding to the office, so everyone on your team gets off on the right foot.

Group Onboarding includes:

  • An introductory webinar or live presentation to introduce the doctors and answer any initial questions from your team
  • Bringing the onboarding to your office – including breakfast & an onsite nurse for lab panel collection
  • Technology overviews so that your employees know how to reach their doctor, how to track their health progress, and more
  • Group Q&A session with the providers while on-site onboarding
  • And private health consultations & medical history reviews so that every member of your team feels confident in their care
Health Programs Customized for YOUR Business Goals
Healthcare isn’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are our group membership plans.

We’ll tailor-build your plan to meet the needs of your workforce and your strategic objectives, so you can provide the exact plan that fits your business.

Popular options include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly “Doctor Days,” where we send a provider is onsite and they see patients right at your office
  • Custom labwork inclusions for workforces with a high incidence of chronic illness, like obesity, diabetes or heart disease
  • Wholesale pricing on specialty labwork, like hormone panels
  • Spanish fluent provider teams
  • Low-tech onboarding and employee outreach options

Know of any other insurance plan that can do all that for your employees?

We didn’t think so.

And with First Primary Care’s custom-built group memberships, your employees get exactly the care they need,
and they deserve, without breaking your budget.  First Primary Care makes it possible to finally manage the rising cost of health benefits once and for all.

What's the best way to add First Primary Care to your employee benefits? (Without breaking the bank... )

We’d love to answer all of your questions.

Give us a call or click here to schedule a consultation with one of our Business Advisors and get a custom quote.  We can show you how other employers adjust their existing benefit strategy to easily afford a First Primary Care membership for every employee.

What are First Primary Care Patients Saying?
My quality of medical care has increased exponentially. The doctors and staff are extremely competent and actually know me, my history and how to handle my chronic issues better than doctors I’ve had for years.

I think because of the time saving factor on both ends, the doctors are able to research issues, study my history and regularly monitor my ongoing issues and therefore they have a better overall knowledge of my health than any other “traditional” health care provider in the past. I love the time saving factor of being able to reach my doctor by phone or text.

When I was home ill with the flu I didn’t have to get dressed, drive to an office, and sit in a waiting room. [My doctor] called me quickly after notifying him I was ill, did an on-the-phone-analysis of my symptoms, and called me in a prescription. That type of care is invaluable! I appreciate that the doctor calls me personally.

I also appreciate that the doctors truly listen. They respect my knowledge of my body and my knowledge of my history and experiences with different medications. They truly listen to my past experiences and help to determine what is the best next step for me.

Any chance I get I’m telling people about my new health care. Who wouldn’t want direct access to their doctor and to save money, and to know you are getting the best care you have ever received! Karen Hammond

DPC Patient

I am so happy to be a patient of First Primary Care and their team. They make me feel valued and welcome and it’s a completely different experience from standard insurance based medical care. I love that they are so accessible to me. I’m just having to adjust my thinking since so many of the things I used to pay for out of pocket are included in my plan with them – what a welcome change! Kim Balducci

September 28, 2016

These people know and love what they do. They treat me like family. I can always reach them. They are always responsive and take care of me, no matter if I’m at home or away on business. I trust them with my life and my health, you should too! Mark Ferraz

April 5, 2016

I just had a need for my Dr. It was 8 pm on Monday night. I was having chest pain. I called my Dr.’s cell phone, he immediately became concerned. Telling me to call an ambulance and get to the hospital. My Dr. continued to call for updates and provided valuable counseling until 4am. It’s a valuable and important choice for me and my family. Greg Carlson

May 21, 2016

Interested in Joining the Smart Savvy Employers Already Partnering with First Primary Care?
Get the FAQs
What is Covered for My Employees With Primary365?
  • As many consultations as they need. There are no copays or any additional fees.
  • Comprehensive medical and wellness assessment at enrollment (including basic lab work, and an EKG or Spirometry if indicated)
  • Development of a mutually agreed on health charter, with focus on preventative medicine.
  • Pro-active management of any chronic conditions, with focus on education and group classes.
  • Care coordination and education to get the maximum out of specialist visits.
  • Basic office procedures.
  • Urgent visits for acute minor illnesses or injuries.
  • Unlimited access to their doctor electronically.
  • Unrestricted access to our various group classes offered in the clinic.
  • Access to reduced wholesale pricing for most lab work, radiology, and select prescription medications.
What Will My Employees Need to Pay Out-of-Pocket?
Primary365 membership does not cover costs of lab work, imaging, medication, and off-site services (such as emergency room visits, hospital stays, or specialist visits). But we do negotiate transparent wholesale and preferential pricing for our members wherever possible.

Complete365 includes a special membership with Sedera Health.   Sedera Health is a medical cost sharing community, in which funds are contributed and shared between members with medical “Needs.” Members see major savings versus health insurance plans, achieving full peace of mind at a much lower cost.  To learn more about Sedera Health, click here.


What is included in the Comprehensive Health & Wellness Assessment?
Each employee will get the following evaluations when they get started with First Primary Care…

Is There a Contract at Joining?
There’s no long-term contract.

We are here to serve you, and if there is a complaint we cannot work through together, you are free to terminate membership.

All fees already paid will be held, but no further charges will apply, and there is no fee to cancel.

If you decide to rejoin in the future, regular fees for new patients may apply.

How Much Will Partnering with First Primary Care Cost?
While we customize the quote for each business we work with based on size and their own plan preferences, most employers are able to save money at open enrollment by including First Primary Care in their benefits package.

Get in touch with one of our Business Advisors today to learn how other savvy employers are doing it!

What Is an Electronic Visit, and What Does ‘Unlimited Access to my Doctor’ Mean?
Electronic visits are available to our members, and are conducted via phone or a video conference. We can help you set these channels up during the enrollment.

You will have a scheduled time, and will have the doctor’s full attention just as you would in the office.

We also encourage all communication via our secure communication app called Spruce Health.  You can text message, call, and video conference directly to your provider through Spruce. 

How Difficult Is It to Get an Appointment?
Not at all: your employees can text, call, or otherwise let us know they’d like to make an appointment.

In most cases they can schedule it for the same day, or early the next day for an office visit.

In nearly all cases they can schedule an electronic visit for the same day.

How Long Are Typical Office Visits?
The enrollment and initial visit typically require two 60-minutes visits.

Future visits depend on your needs, but we set aside 15-minutes for electronic visits and 30-minutes for a follow-up visit as a default.

More time can be requested when scheduling your appointment. Our goal is to have zero wait times, and provide full service to every one of our members.

What Medical Conditions Do You Care For?
We treat a wide variety of acute health problems, manage and improve chronic health problems, and emphasize active prevention and sustainable health practices through education and open communication.

If we cannot provide a particular service your employees need, we will help them find the best person who can.

Feel free to contact us in email to ask about a specific ailment or disease.

Do You See Patients of All Ages?
Currently, we care for adults and their dependents (over age 4), but we will always provide medical guidance and help coordinate care, regardless of your loved ones’ age!
Do I Still Need Insurance for My Employees?
Federal law mandates that everyone have health insurance.

First Primary Care is not an insurance business, and therefore membership with us does not constitute as fulfilling this mandate.

However, many employers have found that by combining our Primary365 membership with a high-deductible health plan or a self-funded health plan, they can offer extraordinary health care benefits, with zero increase in budget. To find out more, you can download our Benefits Strategy Guide here.

Have questions about First Primary Care?

Give us a call or click here to get in touch with one of our Business Advisors today,
and see if partnering with First Primary Care is right for your employees.