Reinventing How Primary Care Helps Employers of All Sizes

You know healthy employees equal happy employees. That’s why we designed world-class healthcare solutions that—to put it corporate—crush the competition & help scale the biz.

Why give all your employees a direct primary care membership?

Why not? With health insurance costs increasing for you and your employees plus participation continuing to decline, you need an innovative solution that you and your employees can rely on. A solution that’s high in value, but low in cost. Our Primary365 and Virtual Primary365 memberships are the solutions companies need.  Give us the benefit of doubt, and let us prove it to you. Show your employees how much you value them with a healthcare solution proven to improve attendance, lower costs, and increase productivity.

Lower company healthcare costs
Improve employee health & wellness
Increase staff morale & satisfaction

Incredible Value For Very Low Cost Per Employee

  • Unlimited virtual & in-person care
  • No co-pays or deductibles
  • Chronic disease prevention &  treatment
  • Free generic prescription drugs
  • Free maintenance labs
  • Free online mental health & fitness program
  • Wholesale rates on labs and imaging
  • Specialty care coordination

What you can expect when adding direct primary care…

50% less hospital visits

Because our members always have unrestricted, unlimited access to their primary care team, they’re much less likely to rush to an emergency room or have unnecessary hospital visits.

2-Minute average wait time

We know it all too well—time is money. That’s why your employees will never wait for more than a couple minutes whether in office or virtually when they need something.

Simplified & transparent foundation to any benefit plan.

Our model, value based primary care, allows us to simplify the method of getting healthcare, decrease healthcare expenses, and offer transparent and predictable primary care costs.

Competitive benefits, at a fraction of the cost

Yeah, yeah, that pool table you installed in the break room is cool. But offering unrestricted access to preventative, personal care with a doctor they love? Now, that’s running the table.

“The access, responsiveness and availability to first line medical staff and physicians compares beyond anything we have used in the past.“
Donald Yokovich

Employer, Closet Factory

“I needed an innovative solution to break the pattern of going back and forth between subpar benefits. I found a long-term strategic partner in First Primary Care.”
Bret Beitler

Employer, Kids R Kids

“Once people try it and they see the process, they love it. We haven’t had any pushback at all. With First Primary Care, I get 1 bill a month. Done. Simple.”
Patrick Murrell

Employer, Structure Roof & Wall Solutions

Don’t take our word for it. Speak to one of many employers using First Primary Care…

Primary Care Memberships

Unlimited primary care for individuals and families

Primary365™ membership gives your employees convenient, unrestricted access to a physician they know and trust at a set monthly rate. Members never avoid getting care because they can text, call, send pictures, and video chat with their doctor. And a whole lot more. Get a quote today for your company. Group discounts are available for qualified employers.