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Letter from our Founder

I once was on the other side—spending most time billing, not caring for patients the way I had been trained to do. Until I decided—enough was enough. I joined the medical field to help people, not work for an insurance company. That’s when I found the direct primary care model and made it my mission to bring direct healthcare to the Houston community.


At First Primary Care, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by focusing on long-term health and removing all barriers that keep a patient and their doctor from having a one-on-one relationship. Just the way it should be.


Ready to quit the billing game and fall in love with practicing medicine again? Join the First Primary Care team of medical professionals, from MDs and DOs to MAs and FNPs, that change the way doctors and patients experience healthcare.

Geetinder Goyal, MD

CEO, First Primary Care

direct primary care

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Our family medicine doctors come from a variety of backgrounds but all share the same goal—making healthcare accessible and personal. Because our model doesn’t accept insurance, our doctors are allotted ample time with each of their patients and never have to worry about billing paperwork.


You are able to efficiently care for patients, in-office or virtually, without all the hassle. We believe medicine is best practiced as a team, so we encourage daily peer-to-peer consultations and maintain a strong culture of camaraderie.


Hear first-hand what it’s like to switch from a traditional healthcare model to direct primary care from Dr. Kate Snodgrass.

Family Nurse Practitioners

At First Primary Care, we do things differently. Unlike the traditional hospital setting, our providers are able to get to know their patients personally and walk with them on their long-term health journey, prioritizing preventative care over reactive care.


We have built a strong system of care teams where independent nurse practitioners are able to care and problem-solve for their own patients through physician supervision.


Listen to a few of our FNPs talk about what it’s like to work in this patient-centric, hands-on learning environment. If you find that DPC is right for you, we’d love to talk.

Medical Assistants

Our Medical Assistants and Office Managers are the central line of our clinic. In the direct primary care model, there’s more opportunity to work hands-on with patients and develop relationships. We’re looking for personable MAs who can double as office managers and make a clinic run smoothly.

Do you have what it takes?

Current Job Openings

Full-Time Physician - Spring Branch & Pasadena

We’re looking for physcians who fit our culture and have training in Family Medicine or Med-Peds. Preferrably, the perfect candidate is fluent in medical Spanish.

Part-Time Medical Assistant - Sugar Land

This position requires a Medical Assistant certification, and the preferred candidate is fluent in Spanish. 

Full-Time Office Manager - Pasadena

This position requires a Medical Assistant certification, and the preferred candidate is fluent in Spanish.

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