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Direct Primary Care

“It’s like having a doctor in the family.”

From individuals and families to employee benefits,
First Primary Care membership is providing healthcare – the way it should be…

Convenient |  Accessible  |  Affordable  |  Dependable  |  Respectful



Create a healthier, happier, and more profitable workforce with Direct Primary Care benefits for employees and dependents.



Unrestricted access to exceptional primary care. Sidestep the usual inconveniences and connect with your physician directly.


Brokers & Advisors

Build stronger relationships with your clients by helping them save big on healthcare costs with Direct Primary Care for their employees.

What Is Direct Primary Care Exactly? Watch The Video Below To Find Out.


Medical Services Included in Your Membership Package

At First Primary Care, your monthly membership covers a wide-range of medical services with no co-pay or additional fees. You can visit the doctor with peace of mind knowing your healthcare is covered by a family doctor who is committed to providing outstanding patient care, without the outstanding insurance fees and inflated lab costs. We pass on wholesale pricing to our customers so that you can stop wondering about your medical bills and focus on living an active, healthy life.

Family Medicine
On Time Routine Office Visits $150/visit $0
Same Day Illness and Injury Visits $450 $0
Virtual Consults with Your Doctor Not available Priceless!
Annual Exams w/ Blood Work $500 $0
Weight Loss Coaching/Consultation $250/hr $0
Chronic Disease Management (ie; hypertension, diabetes, depression, etc.) $200/visit $0
Nebulized Breathing Treatments $125 $0
Flu Test $30 $0
Strep Test $30 $0
Skin Care
Wound Care $150 $0
Removal of Minor Lesions $250 $0
Biopsies of Skin Growths and Moles (Does not include cost of Pathology fee) $250 $0
Cryotherapy for growths $250 $0
Wart Removal $250 $0
Minor Procedures
Laceration Repair (Stitches) $150 and up $0
Joint Injections $250 and up $0
Electrocardiograms (EKG) $60 $0
Venipuncture (Lab Draw) $30 $0
Abscess Drainage $150 $0
IV Hydration $150 $20
Spirometry $125 $0
Women’s Health
Annual Well-Woman Exams $600 $0
Family Planning counseling $150/hr $0
Urine Pregnancy Testing $30 $0
STD Testing $600 $70
Hormone Replacement Testing/Counseling/Replacement $250-600 Wholesale
Men's Health
Testosterone panel $300 $30
Testosterone replacement injectable (once weekly injections) $300/month $25/mo
Testosterone replacement cream $400/mo $25/mo
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs $50/pill $5/pill

Some example rates…

X-Rays w/ Interpretation $300 $35
MRI $3000 $400
CT $2000 $250
Ultrasound $1200 $150
Screening Mammogram $400 $120

Some example savings…

Annual Labs $300 $0 (Once Annually)
Blood Glucose $30 $0
INR $30 $0
Hemoglobin A1c $50 $5
Urinanalysis $50 $5
Cholesterol Panel $50 $5
Complete Metabolic Panel $150 $5
Full Thryroid Panel $150 $15
Generic Medications

Some example rates…

Amlodipine 10mg $10
Lisinopril 10mg $10
Hyzaar 100/25 $15
Metformin 500mg ER $10
Atorvastatin (Generic Lipitor) 40mg $15
Levothyroxine (Generic Synthroid) 100mcg $20
Azithromycin (Z-pak – One pack) $10
Augmentin (10-d supply) $10
Other Common Services
Sports Physicals $100 $0
DOT Exams $100 $0 for members
Colonoscopy $4000 $1075 (Preferred provider only)
Sleep Study $1200 $150-300


As a nurse of 25 years, I am very picky about my Doctor. I will not see just anyone, and until I moved from Ohio, I had always known my Doctor personally or was able to get a recommendation from a colleague when I needed to see a specialist.

Coming from the traditional insurance model, the concept of direct primary care was very foreign to me – I had nothing to compare it to.

But after being a member of First Primary Care, I will never go back to traditional medicine. First Primary Care has a very personal approach, and I feel like you have taken the time to get to know me and my specific needs and issues.  I like that you do the research when I need specialized care and get me not only the best price but also quality care.   

Even with my background, I have never had a Doctor’s office give the time and care that you have.  I feel cared for and that I am not just a file.  When my blood and iron levels were low, you called to check on me frequently, and it is so refreshing to know that you care how I’m doing.   When I needed more protein, you went out and bought three vegan protein shakes and taste tested them so you could recommend the best one.

You’re always willing to research things that only pertain to me and my case (like when I want to try an herbal remedy!).  And I love that I don’t have to make a trip to the office for every little thing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you for such awesome care of me and my family.

I love Peter Del Buono’s bedside/phone manner. He is the BEST!!  I have recommended and will continue to recommend First Primary Care, because of all the above reasons.

Rachel Gaugler

I am so happy to be a patient of Dr. Goyal and his team. They make me feel valued and welcome and it’s a completely different experience from standard insurance based medical care. I love that they are so accessible to me. I’m just having to adjust my thinking since so many of the things I used to pay for out of pocket are included in my plan with them – what a welcome change!

Kim Balducci

First Primary Care has provided consistent and high quality care from day one. The doctors listen to your concerns, ask questions, and make sure the underlying reasons for your concerns or symptoms are diagnosed and treated. They really care about the health and well-being of their patients – even after the appointment is over. They are readily available and make getting well and staying healthy more convenient than ever. Would highly recommend!

Sarah Weller

No BS, this is the real deal. These people know and love what they do. They treat me like family. I can always reach them. They are always responsive and take care of me, no matter if I’m at home or away on business. Their clinic is quaint and comfy. I trust them with my life and my health, you should too.

Mark Ferraz

While camping in Fredericksburg, Texas, over Valentines weekend, Dr. Goyal and First Primary Care was a lifesaver. By having First Primary Care on speed dial, I was able to avoid a 15 minute commute into downtown Fredericksburg and any additional waiting time to have access to a physician. In less than 5 minutes, after speaking with Dr. Goyal, I was able to pick up my medication at the nearest pharmacy and by Sunday morning, I was feeling much better. I am glad I found a doctor’s office that is worth keeping. THANK YOU DR. GOYAL!!!

Nati Suazo

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About First Primary Care

There’s a (quiet) little-known revolution happening in the Houston healthcare industry called First Primary Care. Very few people are talking about it. But when you learn more about who we are and then use it, you’ll experience a huge difference in the quality, the convenience, and how much more affordable health care can be for you and your family.