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Direct Primary Care, otherwise known as DPC, is an innovative genre of healthcare that saves patients time, money, and angst. Let’s face it – in today’s world, receiving medical care can be a stressful and confusing thing to deal with.

Between insurance claims, deductibles, and in and out of network restrictions to worry about, the world of medical insurance has baffled many and been intimidating to others, even when your company offers medical coverage. Luckily, DPC has swooped in to simplify the system.

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Instead of meeting deductibles and fighting to get timely appointments, DPC offers a subscription like service for your spot at a doctor’s practice. Much like subscribing to prevalent pop-culture service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify, the DPC health care model provides patients with on-demand medical services.

Imagine being able to get a doctor’s appointment on a whim, rather than waiting on hold only to be told that the office is booked up for months. Similar to being able to stream music or television shows whenever you please, doctors at DPC practices have an extremely limited number of patients who are paying a retainer to retain their doctor’s care whenever they need it.

The lack of an insurance company as a “middleman” in this situation allows doctors to spend less time processing claims, filling out paperwork, and talking to insurance companies and more time to focus on and care for their patients. This also means enhanced doctor-patient relationships, which is beneficial to the health of patients overall.

Bankrate reveals that doctors in a traditional medical care model spend an average of 8 minutes with their patients during each appointment, as dictated by their insurance companies who demand a high volume of patient consultations each day.

DPC doctors spend an average of 35 minutes with patients during each visit, which equates to a huge difference. Doctors in traditional practices spend an average of 20 minutes per year of face time with their patients while DPC doctors average 140 minutes yearly. Talk about a difference!

DPC patients are also shown to be healthier than those who are operating under a traditional insurance model. DPC members have proven to be 65% less likely to visit an emergency room and 35% less likely to require a hospital stay.

Furthermore, DPC patients on average have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels and are also at a lessened risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks.

This on demand service – mimicking the ever popular services that we use in many other aspects of our lives in this day in age – just seems to make a lot of sense for many individuals. We also see many employers that are embracing the DPC trend and offering it in their benefits package.

The wide range of benefits associated with the service that we mentioned above make it easy to see why this is a service that is attractive to many. Keep you and your family happy and healthy with this innovative service. Learn more about what DPC can do for you.