Life is stressful, and it goes without saying that it can be difficult for your employees to balance their professional and personal lives. Between kids, family members, grocery shopping, household tasks, and leisure time combined with managing a work schedule, it’s tough for people to escape the feeling of stress or of being overwhelmed.

One way to take something off of your employee’s plates is to offer them straightforward healthcare that is easy-to-navigate. In today’s post, we’re exploring why offering Direct Primary Care (DPC) as a part of your benefits package can help to put your employees at ease. Keep reading to learn the details!


It saves time

DPC saves people time. Instead of individuals spending endless hours on hold trying to make a doctor’s appointment, sitting in waiting rooms, or wasting time working through insurance claims and doctors bills.

This can be a huge time saver for employees – whether it means they spend less time worrying about their healthcare needs, they spend less time actually at the doctor’s office when there’s a need, or they spend less of their precious time fighting insurance claims after they get hit with an unexpected bill.

Everyone could use more time in their schedule, and DPC clearly offers just that, which they’re bound to appreciate from this amazing benefit!


It reduces stress

Dealing with healthcare can be stressful! As we mentioned above, people spend a great deal of time worrying about medical bills, working through insurance claims, and figuring out how to proceed with benefits elections. This can cause a strain for even someone that has a firm grasp on the world of insurance, and it’s bound to cause a great deal of stress.

Having a straightforward option that doesn’t require all of that backend work means that your employees will be less stressed out over insurance, which is a good thing for everyone!


It’s a simplified option

The way that DPC works is that it allows patients to “subscribe” to their doctor’s services, paying a simply retainer for services. That means there’s no co-pays, no insurance paperwork, and a simplified process for making appointments and seeing your doctor.

Say goodbye to conversations with insurance companies and struggling to understand deductibles, services covered, and everything else that falls under the branch of health insurance and the variety of plans offered. Use DPC to cut out the middleman and to allow employees to be more relaxed with a simplified healthcare plan that they’ll soon grow to love!

If you are interested in learning more about providing this useful and simplified healthcare option at your place of business, contact us to learn more. We have the knowledge, resources, and expertise you need to learn more and to make a wise choice that will benefit everyone at your organization!

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