First Primary Care +
Level Self Funded Plan

Customizable health plans for your unique employees through our Primary 365+ membership. Because nobody knows what your company needs better than you.

Build your own health plan, with direct primary care as the foundation.

Pay for what you need. Ditch what you don’t.

Unlimited virtual or in-person office visits

No co-pays or surprise bills

Unlimited access to your doctor

Urgent, emergency, and speciality care guidance

Building a complete plan

Stop Loss

Top off your plan with protection from those big, unplanned catastrophic costs.

Variable Costs

While claims cost inevitably fluctuate, your FPC membership is proven to keep claims costs low. Because our incentives align to keep your employees healthy, the more your employees utilize our membership, the better the health plan runs.

Fixed Costs

These no-guess budget items often include the fixed, monthly First Primary Care membership fee, your TPA fee, network access fee, and a personalized drug plan fee.


Just like every company, each plan is unique. Schedule a call to discover how you can create an option that works for you.

How is First Primary Care a strong foundation?

Price Transparancy

FPC doctors are trained to price shop for procedures other medical expenses. We never, ever inflate costs.


From RX memberships to monthly contributions, design a health plan that fits your specific employee’s needs.

Control Variable Costs

Without a good primary care at the foundation of your health plan, variable costs skyrocket. FPC minimizes unnecessary and expensive ER visits.

Happier Employees

Employees (and employers) don’t have complicated bills to complain about. With an unlimited primary care membership, employees save time and energy by getting better care.

Case Study:
New Era Life

First Primary Care provides care to employees of New Era Life Insurance Company, a company with about 250 employees in total.

In just a year, we were able to save them about $250,000 in claims. Not only that, but employees are incredibly happy with the quality, convenience, and affordability of their membership. Hear for yourself:

With Direct Primary Care,
employers report:


Fewer ER visits


Less hospital


Less hospital

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