First Primary Care +
Major Medical Plan

By offering First Primary Care as the foundation to your health benefits plan, your employees get access to world-class primary care while still being protected against the big, bad ugly stuff.

Health insurance was never meant to take care of everyday needs.
Pairing First Primary Care with a major medical plan means less expensive ER visits and hospital bills, and more time spend on preventing everyday issues from getting worse.

85% of healthcare needs are preventable & predictable.

When it comes to paying for your employee’s ‘unpredictable’ healthcare, here’s the bitter truth:


of workers say they or an immediate family member struggled to pay their medical bills before meeting their deductible over the last year.*



report cutting back spending on food, clothing and basic household items to pay for healthcare costs.*



say they used up all or most of their savings to pay for care.*

*Kaiser Family Foundation /LA Times Survey Of Adults With Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

The Solution

Adding direct primary care (DPC) to the equation can make high-deductible health plans (HDHP) work for you & your employees

Low-deductible health plans may be intriguing because you’re paying less out of pocket when you need to visit your doctor or have an emergency. But when it comes to employee-sponsored care, it’s just costing you more in the long run, making employees more afraid of the doctor’s office, and possibly causing a minor health issue to become major.

High-deductible health plans can be far more beneficial (especially when paired with DPC.)

The benefits of using a HDHP with DPC:

  1. Your monthly premiums decrease, allowing more wiggle room to add in a monthly DPC membership.
  2. Your out-of-pocket spending decreases. With DPC, all those office visits, virtual consults, labs, and even some procedures are included in the monthly membership.
  3. More health issues are addressed. Because we don’t charge copays or unnecessary additional fees, members are encouraged to build a relationship with their doctor and address minor health issues early on before they progress into major (and expensive) problems.
  4. You get access to cash-pay services. Whether it be additional labs, minor procedures, minor urgent care, or emergency consultations, direct primary care doctors are proven to reduce ER and hospital visits. Additionally, your doctor works as your quarterback through the healthcare system—helping find you the best cash-pay prices even when you do need a hospital or speciality visit.
  5. You can utilize HSAs to pay for your direct primary care membership with tax-free dollars.

Low-Deductible Health Plan Without Direct Primary Care

High-Deductible Health Plan
With Direct Primary Care

Case Study:

Systel is a Sugar Land-based company that offers their employees First Primary Care membership as part of their health benefits strategy. That’s right—we work with small and large businesses to fix what is wrong with healthcare on not just an individual level but a corporate one too. Here’s a little about our partnership with Systel:

Active Members: 45

Membership Type: Primary365 coupled with a high-deductible health plan

Systel is knocking it out of the park with their benefits strategy. They bundled FPC with a high-deductible health plan along with a health reimbursement account (HRA). This means the employees can use First Primary Care for great everyday care, insurance for catastrophic events, and also get reimbursed for any additional expenses like imaging or labs ordered through First Primary Care. This way, the employee doesn’t have to pay ridiculously inflated insurance rates for those things. Boom!



“Had a scare last year which made me want to go to a doctor to get checked out. However, I was on DPC which meant I was no longer able to go to my PCP which I had been going to for about 20 years. But the scare forced me to reach out to DPC. It was easy using the Spruce app to setup an appointment. Tehemenna was absolutely wonderful.”
Systel Employee

“Most of my appointments are engaging, up to a hour long versus to a quick 15 minutes at your local hospital or practice. Very friendly and professional personnel at both of the facilities I’ve visited. I rate it a 5 stars :)!” 
Systel Employee

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