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What Does the Membership Fee Cover?
  • As many consultations as you need. There are no copays or any additional fees.
  • Comprehensive medical and wellness assessment at enrollment (including basic lab work, and an EKG or Spirometry if indicated)
  • Development of a mutually agreed on health charter, with focus on preventative medicine.
  • Pro-active management of any chronic conditions, with focus on education and group classes.
  • Care coordination and education to get the maximum out of specialist visits.
  • Basic office procedures.
  • Urgent visits for acute minor illnesses or injuries.
  • Unlimited access to your doctor electronically.
  • Unrestricted access to our various group classes offered in the clinic.
  • Access to reduced wholesale pricing for most lab work, radiology, and select prescription medications.
What’s Not Included in My Membership?
Membership to First Primary Care does not cover costs of lab work, imaging, medication, and off-site services (such as emergency room visits, hospital stays, or specialist visits). But we’ll always do our best to get you the best care at the best price – whether it’s with us or not.
What Are Your Prices?
Membership with First Primary Care is simple.

There’s a One-Time $99 Enrollment Fee Per Household or Family.
(This includes a comprehensive new patient health assessment package (a $798 value) along labwork mentioned above).


  • 18-34: $75/mo
  • 35-64: $99/mo
  • 65+: $125/mo


  • Children (Ages 4-17): $25/mo
  • Family Membership (Unlimited number of kids): $249

Maximum membership rate for a family is $249.

Is There a Sign-up Fee or Enrollment Fee to Join?
Yes, there is a $99 enrollment fee per household or family.

We do some heavy lifting at the beginning of your membership. Our enrollment process starts with your onboarding into our system, introduction on how to best use our services, and various tools available to communicate with your providers.

It is then followed by a detailed assessment of your complete mental, physical and social health, including a comprehensive laboratory examination.

Is There a Contract at Joining?
There’s no long-term contract.

We are here to serve you, and if you have a complaint we cannot work through together, you are free to terminate your membership.

All fees already paid will be held, but no further charges will apply, and there is no fee to cancel.

If you decide to rejoin in the future, regular fees for new patients may apply.

Do You See Patients of All Ages?
We serve patients of all ages. However for ages 5 and under, some care may be referred to a pediatrician. If so, those costs are not included in membership.
What Medical Conditions Do You Care For?
We treat a wide variety of acute health problems, manage and improve chronic health problems, and emphasize active prevention and sustainable health practices through education and open communication.

If we cannot provide a particular service you need, we will help you find the best person who can.

Feel free to contact us to ask about a specific ailment or disease.

Do You Make House Calls?
Yes and no.

While traditional house calls are not included at this time, most issues can be managed electronically or by phone appointment with your doctor.

Each patient will be evaluated on an individual basis.

What If I’m Hospitalized?
While we do not directly assume care for patients while in the hospital, we will keep in touch with you electronically to assist in your care, and keep your health chart updated.

As your care is transitioning out of the hospital, we will assist in that process and arrange to see you for follow-up as soon as needed after your discharge.

Are My Medical Records Ever Shared With Insurance Carriers or Government Agencies?
We do not share your medical records, unless you ask us to.
May I Contact First Primary Care After Hours?
Yes. You may call your doctor directly with urgent problems and can always leave a message with our office staff for changes to appointments or questions to be answered during the next day’s office hours.
When Do I Pay My Fees For Non-covered Labs and Imaging?
We can append the charges to your monthly fee, or you can use your preferred method of payment separately at the time of service.
If I Have Medicare, Can I Join as a Patient?
Yes. Keep in mind that your monthly membership fee cannot be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement. In addition, you must sign a waiver every two years to state that neither you nor your doctor will directly bill Medicare for your membership fee.

You may still use Medicare and Medicare supplements to pay for outside pharmacy, lab, radiology, and specialist costs.

How Long Are Typical Office Visits?
Initial visits with First Primary Care are typically 60-minute visits. This includes a detailed assessment of your complete mental, physical and social health, including a comprehensive laboratory examination.

Future visits depend on your needs, but we set aside 15-minutes for electronic visits and 30-minutes for a follow-up visit as a default. More time can be requested when scheduling your appointment.

Our goal is to have zero wait times and to be able to provide full service to every one of our members.

How Difficult Is It to Get an Appointment?
Not at all: you can text, call, or otherwise let us know you’d like to make an appointment.

In most cases you can schedule it for the same day, or early the next day for an office visit.

In nearly all cases you can schedule an electronic visit for the same day.

What Is an Electronic Visit, and What Does ‘Unrestricted Access to my Doctor’ Mean?
Electronic visits are available to our members and are conducted via phone or a video call. We can help you set these channels up during the enrollment. You will have a scheduled time, and will have the doctor’s full attention just as you would in the office.

We also encourage communication via text message, email, and other channels. This is what ‘Unrestricted Access’ looks like.

What if My Doctor Goes on Vacation?
Your doctor will notify you in advance, and take care of anything pressing before leaving for vacation.

Our team based approach ensures that during their absence, other clinic staff will be at your service and able to provide the same quality services if the need arises.

I Have Family Visiting. Can They Seek Care at First Primary Care?
Our services are membership-based, due to their comprehensive nature and scope. While we have no binding contracts, we strive hard to help our members see the value of building a long-term trust-based relationship with us.

With this in mind, we will evaluate each case on an individual basis, since the well-being of the loved ones of our members are also important to us.

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