WOW! Dave Chase has nailed the essence of the points we made in our last blog post “Reviving YOUR American Dream”. In this piece, Dave gives us a fantastic look at how wages, over the last 20 years have been on the decline and that 95% of that has been caused by healthcare. Bold statement, but Dave backs it up and goes on to tell how we can ‘Take Back’ our American Dream that has been stolen by Healthcare.

The predictions for what the ACA will do for the middle class in 2017 is incredible, however Dave goes on in the piece to show what some of the nations top attorneys are doing to ‘right the ship’ and get health benefits held to the same strict standards as what 401k’s have to adhere to. You can say game changer for the consumer.

Dave gives us an honest look at what happens after the ‘Blues’ are no longer the dominating force in healthcare benefits and how it open the door wider for what we are already doing here at Our Way Health -Providing an smart, affordable solution to actually put the care of your health back into the hands of your primary care doctor and YOU.

Read the entire post on LinkedIn written by Dave Chase ​Executive producer at the Big Heist



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