HOU- Oracle Management

Client: HOU-Oracle Management
Employees: 19
Location: Houston
Industry: Construction
Member since:
Membership: Primary365+Sedera

The Problem

Before finding First Primary Care, HOU-Oracle employees were paying hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket each month. On top of that, the company was faced with paying an enormous amount in premiums for each employee. This led Managing Director Rick Clark to deciding it was time to search for alternatives.

Our Solution

With not much to lose, Rick decided to take the little-known, yet increasinglypopular path and give First Primary Care a try. Like most people, Rick still had hestitations and a “this is too good to be true” mindset, so we set up a few employees on a membership for a year. After that year, the bene ts were undeniable, and the rest of the team was enrolled in a First Primary Care membership with Sedera Medical Cost Sharing for large, unexpected medical costs.

The Result

HR Manager Julia reported that within six months employees already understood the benefits of First Primary Care and can’t imagine going back to traditional insurance. In addition to improved quality, HOUOracle is covering 100% of the cost for their employees while only paying a third of what they were paying before.

“We’re all so entrenched into thinking things have to be done a certain way… Don’t make the mistake I did and wait over a year.”

Rick Clark

Benefits of First Primary Care:

  • Unlimited virtual and in-office access to their personal physician.
  • Deep discounts on labs, imaging, and specialist consults.
  • Quick, virtual prescriptions and access to wholesale pricing on medications
  • Reduces ER visits
  • No insurance billing or claims
  • Care is local, meaning doctors know how to connect patients with the right specialists and facilities
  • Access to opt-in to cost-sharing community for catastrophic medical needs
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