Kids ‘R’ Kids finds their compass for sucess with First Primary care.

“I needed an innovative solution to break the pattern of going back and forth between subpar benefits”

Bret Beitler, Owner of Kids R Kids

Kids 'R' Kids

Client: Kids ‘R’ Kids
Employees: 95 employees
Location: The Woodlands, New Territory, and Greatwood.
Industry: Preschool
Member since: December 2019
Membership: Option of Primary365 and Primary365+Complete

The Problem

Between three Kids R Kids locations in The Woodlands, New Territory, and Greatwood, the company staffs roughly 95 employees. And before joining First Primary Care, most of those employees and their families were uninsured or carrying a below MEC Aflac-based plan.

Our Solution

“When we checked [First Primary Care] out, it was just green lights all across the board,” said Beitler. “One reason we really, really loved it was because there is no waiting room, you get direct access to your actual primary care physician, versus 14 different steps you need to go through in order to finally get to your result.”

The Result

With these never-before-experienced health benefits, Kids ‘R’ Kids employees are happier and healthier. And while this means retention and productivity is set to improve, the business owners are actually saving money in the meantime. “Our teams are satisfied with the service and quality of care so far” said Beitler. “This partnership will help us with team retention, offensive health, and more days at work. It also gives access to pro-active based health care to our teams who normally would not experience this on their own

Benefits of First Primary Care:

  • Unlimited virtual and in-office access to their personal physician.
  • Deep discounts on labs, imaging, and specialist consults.
  • Quick, virtual prescriptions and access to wholesale pricing on medications
  • Reduces ER visits
  • No insurance billing or claims
  • Care is local, meaning doctors know how to connect patients with the right specialists and facilities
  • Access to opt-in to cost-sharing community for catastrophic medical needs

Why First Primary Care?

First Primary Care offers business owners a plan that drastically reduces their costs, and gives their employees healthcare they will rave about.

What’s so great about it? Members receive convenient, unrestricted access to a physician they know and trust at a set monthly rate. Members never avoid getting care because they can text, call, send pictures, and video chat with their doctor. It’s affordable, convenient, and totally revolutionary.

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