Getting In Sync With Your Health – Make Number Two Your Number One Ally Our approach to medicine rests on four pillars of health: in our previous posts we discussed the importance of ensuring a regular cycle and maximum efficiency of recovery and refueling. Now, we’re covering the matter of relieving yourself – both literally and figuratively.

Every Traffic Jam Needs Attention

Many of us know what constipation feels like, and the adverse effects of diarrhea. It’s not hard to understand that if the stool is not eliminated regularly, the waste processes eventually back up, and slowly start affecting immunity, digestion, and metabolism. Urinary problems can be a sign of dehydration, some kind of metabolic disorder, or even more serious ailments such as cancers. Even the seemingly insignificant byproducts of colds and coughs like mucous, or the even more often overlooked phenomena of the occasional earwax now and then. These can all be messengers of your body signaling early stage health issue: perhaps there is an infection brewing, or a metabolic process is malfunctioning.

Small Things Are The Gateways To Big Issues

Our bodies are not made up of individual silos: illnesses are mobile, and usually affecting multiple areas in our health – all of which we react to in different ways. Consider this: a smoking habit causes the tiny hairs in the lungs, ears, and nose to function poorly. Instead of eliminating unwanted material, such as mucous and viruses from a cold, these  may not be cleared, and cause susceptibility towards developing a sinus infection or bronchitis. Even further, with the continued blockage of pathways, the chances for ear infections, chronic sinusitis, or chronic bronchitis increases. After more time scarring will be formed from even more frequent infections, and breathing issues from stage 3 diseases lead to constant treatment.

We’re Here To Help

There are many ways to monitor our body’s subtle messages without turning into a hypochondriac. You don’t need to rush to the hospital with every sneeze. Through a unique relationship with every patient, the doctors at Our Way Health are capable of providing both generic advice and tailored translation of the minuscule early signs of health issues.

Pillars of Health – Your Direct Primary Care Health Foundation

Here on our website, you’ll find a continuous stream of helpful information, to help you along this way, and get accustomed to the different rhythm we believe will go a long way to form healthy habits.  

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