It’s no secret that medical costs continue to skyrocket every year. Even with Obamacare available the costs of premiums are out of reach for many people. When you think about it, it really is a shame that in the United States of America, the richest country on earth, that there are people who simply cannot afford medical care.

Affordable Direct Primary Care

Physicians are also unhappy with the state of healthcare as it currently functions. They are bogged down and frustrated by an unsustainable medical system that seems to be far more concerned about money than it is about helping sick people get well. The enormous paperwork alone, no matter how slight the illness, has left many doctors questioning what they signed up for. Certainly it wasn’t to give patients nothing more than a cursory consultation that leaves both doctor and patient dissatisfied. Unfortunately, however, that is exactly what is being given because so much time must be spent on administrative duties.

So it comes as no surprise that alternative options such as Direct Primary Care are so attractive. Direct Primary Care allows patients to pay their doctor directly for their medical visits and other in office care. Emergency and hospital services are covered with what is known as a catastrophic health insurance plan. Physicians like the system better too because it means they can spend more time taking care of their patients. Complicated coding systems, paperwork and documentation are cut down dramatically because the middleman, aka the insurance company, is no longer calling the shots.

Taking things one step further, many doctors participating in Direct Primary Care programs like Doctor Goyal from Our Way Health, make themselves available to patients via email and a private Hippa compliant text messaging app. This is especially reassuring for patients with the more serious conditions as well as new patients. What about costs? In addition to receiving more focused care, patients save considerably. The amount paid to the physician and for a wraparound insurance plan is much less than paying traditional health premiums.

A rushed doctor is the most expensive entity in health care. When was the last time you saw a doctor who was relaxed and looked like they had time? Or for my doctor friends, when was the last time they felt not in any rush when visiting with a patient in the clinic or in the hospital? During conversations with some close friends I often lament ­ what today’s doctor lacks, is time. And that time with patients is of essence to practice good medicine So often we come across solutions that work for certain groups while cutting out others. The Direct Primary Care system is not like that.

It can work for people no matter what walk of life they come from. If premiums have reached the un-affordable threshold for a person or family, Direct Primary Care provides a great option without skimping on care.


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