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Which membership is right for you?

We have two groundbreaking healthcare options for you and your family.


Complete primary care for individuals and families

Primary365™ membership gives your family convenient, unrestricted, unlimited access to a physician they know and trust at a set monthly rate. Members never avoid getting care because they can text, call, send pictures, and video chat with their doctor from anywhere.  Or come in for same/next day office visit with no wait.
18 to 64
65 AN UP
$99 one-time enrollment fee per household. Includes our comprehensive Health & Wellness Assessment (a $798 value). Deep discounts on labs, imaging, and specialist consults.

Unlimited primary care plus cost-sharing for major medical needs

Primary365+Complete™ includes everything in a Primary365 membership and also protects members from life’s medical uncertainties with a special program, offer exclusively by First Primary Care and Sedera – a medical cost-sharing community.
Memberships Start From
Surprisingly Personal Healthcare

One: Choose your plan

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get unlimited, unrestricted access to your doctor through in-person visits and the Spruce Health app for text and video access. You’ll also unlock reduced wholesale pricing for most lab work, radiology, and select prescription medications.

Two: Meet your doctor

This is not the dash-in-and-out doctor visit you’re used to with traditional healthcare. With FPC you will spend 45 minutes with your doctor on your first visit for a Comprehensive Health and Wellness Assessment. The better we know you, the better we can serve you.

Three: Complete your assessment

We aren’t done yet! Your membership includes a comprehensive health exam & advanced biomaker lab screening, a complete Medical History Review and Documentation, and a Medication Analysis and Cost Reduction Review to make sure you’re getting the best possible prices on your prescriptions.

How are we better than telehealth?

Telehealth is one model of care we are often compared to.
So how are we different?

Other telehealth models fall flat

  • Care is delivered by random doctors who don’t know you
  • There are no follow-ups
  • You pay per visit
  • Only allotted short, limited time with doctor
  • Because these doctors can’t run necessary tests, they can only diagnose simple issues.
  • There is no history or rapport; care ends with call.

Direct primary care is so much more…

  • You’re always connected to your care team who already knows you
  • You and your doctor are easily able to follow up with each other
  • Unlimited visits and follow-ups included in one monthly fee
  • Unlimited time to spend discussing issues
  • Focuses on preventative care, not reactive care
  • Your doctor can price shop for procedures and prescriptions and navigate you through any part of the system


This kind of care isn’t new. We’ve just strayed so far from the original intention of healthcare that we’ve forgotten how it should feel — like having a doctor that works for you. Everyone has a unique set of health needs, history, and goals. Having a doctor that works for you (and not some insurance company) means you’re benefiting in all these ways:

  1. Having your doctor (who knows you well) on speed dial.
  2. Unrushed, virtual or in-person time with your doctor
  3. In-office visits at no charge, annual labs, and minor procedures
  4. Easy prescription refills
  5. No waiting (Ever.)
  6. Having a doctor that can navigate you through the complicated healthcare system
  7. Wholesale pricing on prescriptions, tests, and procedures

YOUR healthcare, on YOUR time, YOUR way.

Is all that worth it? Our hundreds of 5-star reviewers think so. But give it a 30-day, money-back-guaranteed try and see for yourself.