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An executive health package focused on preventing chronic diseases such atherosclerotic disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and metabolic disease while incorporating personalized precision medicine is an excellent approach to promoting optimal health and well-being.

The Perks of Peak Performance

  • Head-to-Toe Analysis, Down to the Cellular Level
  • Unlimited Access to a Board-Certified Physician
  • Access to 75+ Comprehensive Health Labs
  • Personalized Nutrition & Supplement Support
  • Supplement Discounts & Designs For Health
  • Personalized Functional Health Report

Experience Elite Care, Personalized to You.

Joinour best plan, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled care.
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*One Year Membership to First Primary Care is Included in the Cost*

How Does the Executive Program Work?

Step 1: Comprehensive Health Assessment

  • Thorough medical history review and physical examination by a board-certified physician.
  • Advanced cardiovascular risk assessment, including lipid profile, blood pressure monitoring, and evaluation of other risk factors such as family history and lifestyle.
  • Cancer risk assessment, including screening tests and evaluation of personal and family history of cancer.


Step 2: Diagnostic Testing

  • Advanced imaging studies such as CCTA (Coronary CT angiography)
  • Full Body MRI and Galleria Cancer Screening Test.
  • Genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes or predispositions to certain diseases, allowing for personalized risk assessment and preventive strategies.

  • Advanced biomarker testing for early detection and risk assessment of neurodegenerative diseases, including genetic markers and biochemical assays.

Step 3: Follow-Up and Counseling

  • Detailed consultation with a preventive medicine specialist to review test results, discuss personalized risk factors, and develop a tailored preventive health plan.
  • Ongoing monitoring and follow-up, including regular screenings and assessments to track progress and adjust interventions as needed.

  • Counseling and support services, including lifestyle modification programs, stress management techniques, and access to additional resources such as nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and mental health professionals.
Our holistic approach combines cutting-edge diagnostics
and personalized assessments to proactively manage
health and mitigate potential risks, catering specifically to
the needs of executives seeking comprehensive care.
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Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Your Path to Peak Health

Quarterly Labs
  • 70 biomarkers including advanced lipid testing for a thorough understanding of metabolic health and disease risk.
  • Full functional health report with AI analysis of lab work detecting subtle changes or trends in biomarkers over time, allowing for early intervention and personalized health recommendations.
Coronary CT Angiography with Cleerly AI Analysis
  • Evaluate coronary artery disease, providing detailed images of the heart’s blood vessels. AI algorithms to analyze imaging data and identify subtle abnormalities or early signs of heart disease. Provides patients and healthcare providers with actionable insights into cardiovascular health, enabling early detection of heart disease, personalized risk stratification, and targeted interventions to improve outcomes.
Body Composition 
  • Analysis using scan technology, utilizing inbody testing for body composition.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Three Months with Ultrahuman

  • Enabling real-time tracking of blood sugar levels to manage diabetes risk.

TruAge Genetic Testing Biannually 

  • “Aging is the biggest risk factor for chronic disease”
  • Initial TruAge Complete – tracking metrics to expand the depth of personalized lifestyle recommendations
  • Counsel patients how quantifying overall health can help predict and manage sub-clinical disease before symptoms ever develop
  • Track metrics to expand the depth of personalized healthspan-lifespan recommendations
  • Epigenetic test is able to analyze the changes in your DNA and to determine how these changes actually affect your body and your health. This novel epigenetic test uses markers on your DNA called “methylation” to predict your biological age.
  • Follow-up TruPace in 6 months to review progress and make recommendations
  • Includes supplement and lifestyle recommendationsilizinGalleri testing for early detection of multiple cancer types, complemented by full-body MRI imaging for comprehensive screening.

Cancer Screening

  • Utilizing Galleri testing for early detection of multiple cancer types, complemented by full-body MRI imaging for comprehensive screening.

Alzheimer’s LINX

  • Groundbreaking advancement in early detection and management of Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • This innovative test utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze genetic markers associated with Alzheimer’s risk, providing individuals with invaluable insights into their susceptibility to this debilitating condition.

GI Spotlight

  • In-depth look into the health of the gut microbiome
  • Utilizes cutting-edge quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology
  • Keystone microbial diversity and gut fungal balance
  • Intestinal permeability and gut barrier function
  • Digestive function, nutrient absorption, and GI motility
  • Inflammatory status and immune function in the gut.

Genetic Spotlight

  • Allows unique insight into patient genomics
  • Reports an array of the most clinically significant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in a multitude of domains in one comprehensive functional DNA test
  • Assesses eight key areas of health, including methylation, structural (i.e., bone health), aging, cognitive health, detoxification, endocrine health, inflammatory status, and gastrointestinal health

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