HOU- Oracle Management

Client: Phillips Kaiser
Active Members: 12
Location: Houston
Industry: Law Firm
Member since: 2018
Membership: Primary365+Sedera

The Problem

Phillips Kaiser, a group serving as outsource general counsel to companies primarily in the Houston area, has partnered with First Primary Care for more than 3 years. After their health insurance premiums were becoming unbearable, Phillips Kaiser opted to try a new way of doing health benefits.

Our Solution

Enter First Primary Care and Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community—a brand new benefits concept that Craig Kaiser and his team had only heard whispers of before. Although it was the road less travelled, Firm Administrator Susan Garcia dug deep into research but came dry on any argument against it.

So with only an expensive, subpar plan to lose, they dove in head first— completely ditching healthcare for a complete direct primary care plus cost sharing membership offering. And now, they can’t imagine going back.

The Result

From that very first trial run to today, Phillips Kaiser employees have been hooked. The benefits of the Spruce app, no waiting, cost savings, and direct doctor-patient relationship are undeniably more valuable than anything they had experienced before. Beyond just primary care, members have found their care teams to be advocates from a price, specialist, and educational standpoint. Members are never left to their devices; care teams walk them through Sedera usage, and all other levels of the healthcare system.

“My doctor is also an advocate for me from a price standpoint and
for specialist coordination and education. He’s sort of life a traffic cop for me and my health; It’s a wonderful asset.”

Susan Garcia

“I found a lot of very positive feedback… it was going to save us probably $1,500 a month… so we thought it was worth us trying.”

Craig Kaiser

“Previously we were going with the big insurance companies. Every year a broker came in and said ‘here’s the price increase this year.’ And every year that growth far outpaced anything we were doing in business. We couldn’t keep up. But there was no other option.”

Craig Kaiser

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