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Now anyone can access healthcare like the ultra-wealthy… But why would you want to??

It’s no secret that the ultra-wealthy have exclusive access to most of the “finer” things in life.
They don’t wait for reservations at trendy restaurants
They have private jets to take them to and fro
And private drivers to chauffeur them to their destinations (they’re not standing in the rental car line)
Cars that cost more than some of the nicest houses in Houston
Access to exclusive investment opportunities
They even have their own doctors on speed dial
To most of us, that lifestyle is completely foreign. And most of those luxuries will remain just that – luxuries that will always be exclusive to a select group of people. (Although thanks to Uber, most of us can feel like we have a private driver with the click of a button – so there is that) But there is one thing on that list that is not just a frivolous perk of the ultra-rich: their access to healthcare. Concierge medicine has become so popular among the elite, that it would be harder to find an actor, performer, athlete, or Fortune CEO who doesn’t have access to their own private doctor. It is the one near-universal among the elite. But why?
Time and Health are Money…. And They Can’t Be Bought Back
While a bit of a cliche, that’s a universal truth, no matter who you are. But when you’re an entrepreneur or business owner? No matter your income bracket, that’s every bit as true for you as it is for Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos. Your health directly correlates to your time… and your money. That’s one of the most important things the ultra-wealthy are doing differently from the rest of us. They’re treating their health like an asset and focusing on maintaining it… rather than repairing it. Instead of waiting until something is wrong, they’re using their access to healthcare to nip problems in the bud, before they become major issues. They are maintaining their bodies to prevent illness, as much as possible, both in the short term and long term, chronic diseases. All because they know their time & health are the two things that make them money… And they know that once their health is “gone”… It’s extremely expensive to get back. If it can be bought back at all. Now you might be thinking  – That’s all well and good for the rich and mighty… But that kind of access just isn’t available to “normal” people. And you’d be wrong.
Unlike the fancy cars and the private jets…. Private healthcare is something any business owner or entrepreneur can access….
For about the cost of their monthly Starbucks habit. So why aren’t YOU taking care of your health?
Before you say “I’m perfectly healthy, I don’t need to see my GP anyway”…  Let me challenge you on that.
How’s your back feeling?
What about that indigestion?
When was the last time you had bloodwork done?
If you’re like most people, chances are there is something bothering you right now that “just isn’t worth going to the doctor over.”

And I’d like to challenge that idea that “it’s not worth going for” either.

When I talk to patients – when we really get down to it – the main reason they don’t take care of their health sooner boils down to a few key issues with today’s over-crowded, treatment-not-prevention model:
It takes too much time waiting around the doctor’s office for a measly 15 minute appointment (just to get a referral to a lab or a specialist that requires a separate appointment)
It’s too expensive by the time insurance decides what to cover – and not
And unless it is an un-ignorable problem… Most people feel like their doctor can’t help them
They’re not wrong about any of those points – If you went in to see your primary care doctor to discuss maintaining your health, they’d probably look at you like you have 6 heads. If you went in with some slight discomfort in your back… They’d wonder why you were bothering them over such a small thing.

The default healthcare system is not setup to care for your health proactively. ...What is that REALLY costing you?

Here’s a stat for you: 80-90% of what you need a doctor for is routine and predictable…
And yet you pay bloated co-pays, lab fees, prescription fees, and other fees that penalize you for taking care of your routine health. (A big reason why heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions are ramapant in our country). Shouldn’t that be the most cost effective part of healthcare? Here’s a secret – the network primary care physician is the most expensive part of today’s healthcare model. They don’t have time to actually support their patient’s health, and the result has shifted the entire culture of healthcare. Instead of protecting patients’ health… They’re stuck trying to repair it once something goes wrong… To the tune of thousands of dollars in additional co-pays, premiums, and co-insurance costs. That’s the real reason the ultra wealthy are opting out of the mainstream healthcare system. It’s not because “they can afford to”… It’s because they can’t afford not to. The wealthy know it, and now you do too….
How you can have access to that same level of health care for the cost of your daily latte.
There’s a type of private practice cropping up around the country (including right here in the Houston area) called Direct Primary Care. These practices take routine care outside of the insurance network, to provide world-class health and preventative care to savvy individuals and families who know their health is an asset worth protecting… At a price that working families can afford. Direct Primary Care practices operate on a small monthly membership fee, that provides unlimited access to your personal physician. (That’s right – Direct Primary Care means you have a personal physician. Fancy that!) That means:
Text (for those quick questions, follow-ups, and prescription refills)
Video Call (for when you need a more in-depth consultation… But don’t want/need to come to the office)
Same-day appointments (for when you do need to physically see your doctor)
And the kind of care that focuses on keeping you well… Instead of treating symptoms later.
In my own practice, we’ve taste-tested vegan protein powders so we could make the best recommendation to our patients. We’ve researched alternative therapies for patients who want to avoid pharmaceuticals as much as possible. We field text messages about patient’s children’s pink eye… and have the prescription filling at the pharmacy before they’ve even picked their child up from school. We put together strength plans to help our patients avoid back surgery. We put together weight loss plans for patients who are trying to lower their cholesterol or drop the last 15 pounds. We hold fitness and education classes that support our patients wellness. And you know how much all of that costs them? Just the price of their monthly membership. Direct Primary Care is the best kept secret in healthcare. In fact – I’d also go as far as to say it’s the only true health care in healthcare. For families who know their health is an asset – it’s also the best deal in healthcare. Period. And it’s a “luxury” anyone can afford.

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About Dr. Goyal

Dr. Geetinder Goyal is the Founder and CEO of First Primary Care. After studying medicine for over a decade, he realized that our healthcare system really only takes care of the sick and no one is looking out for a patient’s overall health and well being. He started First Primary Care to turn the system upside down and provide patients with genuine “healthcare” and not just “sick care”. In addition to his work at First Primary Care, Dr. Goyal serves as the Co-President of the Houston Chapter of the Free Market Medical Association. Dr. Goyal is an avid runner and major Houston sports fan. When he is not caring for his patients, he can be found enjoying family time with his wife, Dr. Le Vo, and their two young daughters.