Get Access To A Private Physician Just Like the Ultrawealthy

It’s better than concierge medicine, and a lot more affordable too. 

Is it really surprising at this point that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump have their own personal doctor? I mean, if not the woman who has gold-plated toilet seats and a Swarovski crystal-encrusted fridgethen who?

And while we’re on the subject—whose idea was it to put the magazine articles in the doctor’s waiting room where all we have to do is read about these ultra-rich personalized-healthcare-benefiting people? 


How about all the people who don’t have their own TV show? Don’t we deserve good healthcare too? Great question; I’m glad you asked.

Actually, we can have exactly what Kim Kardashian has, but better. Take that, elitism.

Most “ultra rich” people enjoy what are called “concierge doctors” who have their patients on speed-dial and are available to make house-calls or digitally advise patients, anytime anywhere.


One of the biggest benefits concierge doctors bring is the ability to build a relationship with their patient. This means they don’t just see them for their yearly checkup, they know their health and their history, through and through.


And when you know someone that well, you’re able to predict future issues and stop them before they become life-threatening. It’s like having a security system before instead of waiting for someone to break into your ill-secure home.

Just like in concierge practices, Direct Primary Care members take care of their issues before they become big problems. Most people power-through a sprained neck or ignore a rash until it gets bad enough that they have to go see a doctor and pay that expensive co-pay.

These financial (and time) barriers keep us from getting the care we need—a huge reason why heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions are rampant in our country, by the way.

DPC members simply snap a pic of the rash and text it to their doctor right when they notice it so they can receive treatment immediately. And there’s no fee holding them back from doing so.

And it only costs about as much as your monthly Starbucks habit.


But I did say DPC is even better than concierge medicine. Here’s how:

  • DPC memberships are cheaper—starting at about $100 a month.
  • Most (if not all) medical services are covered by the monthly membership.
  • DPCs aren’t burdened by the oversight of insurance companies, whereas concierge practices are.


And if you’re in the Houston area, you’re double in luck—because so is First Primary Care, a local direct primary care practice.

Members of First Primary Care get treated like the ultra-wealthy, because we know how much your health is worth. This includes…

  • Text (for those quick questions, follow-ups, and prescription refills)
  • Video Call (for when you need a more in-depth consultation… But don’t want/need to come to the office)
  • Same-day appointments (for when you do need to physically see your doctor)
  • And the kind of care that focuses on keeping you well… Instead of treating symptoms later.

That’s right, you can have your own personal physician too. Check out our membership options to find one that fits your health needs.


So we may not all have gold-plated seats, but gosh darn it, we finally have our health back. One step at a time.

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