Since the Revolutionary War with England people have come to this country for what seemed to be an almost endless pool of ‘opportunity’. The endless stories of struggle to success can be found throughout our very rich history. However, this almost endless pool of ‘opportunity’ has not exactly dried up, but it has had an additional burden placed on it that in many cases has stifled the progress and pursuit of ‘The American Dream’.

This burden is called HEALTHCARE. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act in 2008, the enormous burden of paying for the act has been placed on the backs of the very people it was supposed to help – YOU the consumer. Since it’s implementation we have seen a very steady increase in premiums and an even more rapidly decrease in providers and services offered.

Today, the “American Dream” that once included owning a home, building for retirement, providing a better path for you children through education and more open doors than you had, has now been refocused on “how to pay for healthcare/health insurance coverage. In many cases, premium costs for coverage is MORE that the cost of a mortgage… Do you see a problem with that? We do. Our Way Health identified early on in this process that this focus on healthcare premiums and insurance coverage’s was not truly the issue that needed to be discussed or the problem that the Affordable Care Act was supposed to solve. The true issue at hand is the “CARE”. The ability to have a relationship directly with your physician so you can make guided decisions about your health and longevity.

Don’t get me wrong here, having insurance coverage is necessary. However, NOT at the cost of the “CARE”. The care is where the focus needs to be and should be. So Our Way Health came up with a solution that places the focus back on “CARE” and meets the government mandates set forth in the Affordable Care Act.

By utilizing the Ministry Co-Ops with a Direct Payer Model, we have not only placed the power of creating your American Dream back into your hands, but have also 10x’d the amount of “CARE” and services that come with being a part of Our Way Health. This gives you a direct relationship with your physician, costs a fraction of traditional insurance model and allows you to focus on what is important – building the life of your dreams.

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