Rewards for Referrals

Give $50 to get $50.
As part of the First Primary Care community, we want you to love your experience so much that you tell all your friends about it. And then, we want to reward you for it. Because it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

What it is

As an ambassador, you get to offer friends a steep discount on their initial membership fees while saving some money yourself.

For every friend you refer, you’ll get $50 off your membership. That’s right—no limit. So get talkin’.

And to make the convincing easy (as if it isn’t already), the person you refer will get $50 off too.

I mean, it’s practically Canada over here.

What you’ll Need

  • First Primary Care membership
  • Your story
  • A friend

Referral amount

It works in 3 simple steps…

Step 1

Just brag to your friends how much you love your healthcare experience and all its benefits—the unlimited virtual and in-person access, the doctor who knows you, never having to wait, avoiding copays and deductibles.

Step 2

Then, when they sign up online, make sure they put your name under “How Did You Hear About Us?”

Step 3

And lastly, make sure they use the discount codefixhealthcare” for $50 off their first month. Then boom—your affordable healthcare just got even more affordable.

The Reward

If you’re an individual member, you’ll get $50 off your next month’s membership fee for every person you refer.

If you’re receiving your membership through your employer, you’ll receive a $25 VISA gift card for every person you refer.

Thanks for sharing and being a part of fixing healthcare.

**Offer not valid for memberships cancelled within the 30-day money-back-guarantee period** 

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