Get In Sync With Your Health – Eat Better

Our approach to medicine rests on four pillars of health: in our previous blog post we discussed the first – sleep; to ensure your body’s regeneration. Sharing with you simple health habits helps your enjoy a vibrant life. Now, we’re covering the matter of refueling yourself:

Pillars of Health – Nutrition

  We’re not going to bore you with dime-a-dozen advice about finding healthier foods. While the quality of your food is of course important, as is the balance of different nutrients, telling you what to eat will not tell you why.

Simple Health Habits Go a Long Way

The Journey of Your Food You’ve Never Thought Of Strong digestion plays an important role in maintaining our health. And ensuring its full positive effect, we need not just to think about the food itself (and even whether or not we actually enjoy it), but other factors as well, such as how fast we eat, how hydrated we are, and our stress levels during and after eating. During digestion individual cells take nutrients from the blood to produce energy and perform their functions, ranging from rebuilding to growing and repairing of cells. For food to be converted to energy in the most efficient way, the whole process – from the mouth through the stomach all the way to the pancreas, liver, and small intestine – needs to work in concert.

Yet Again: Simple Health Habits Go A Long Way

Our choice of food needs to be based on our individual health profile, and surely there are many merits of eating healthy foods. But simply nutrients will not do the job. Factors such as enjoying what you eat and making time for food (even by eating more frequently, but less at a time) will help strengthen digestion, and articulate its key role in healing the body more quickly, regardless of the type of illness. Using Health Notes, you’ll find a continuous stream of helpful information, to help you along this way, and get accustomed to the different rhythm we believe will go a long way to form healthy habits.

Our Goal is Happy Healthy Living

  Onto The Next Part In our next blog, we’ll be talking about how you can ensure and strengthen your health – with the same simplicity – by making better choices for elimination.  

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