In a country as wealthy and resourceful as the United States, a person would expect that healthcare would be an area that would have been streamlined by now. After all, it only takes a dose of common sense to realize a more simplified system would work better for everyone across the board. As it stands now, healthcare in the US continues to grow increasingly complex and more expensive. The average patient finds navigating the system nothing short of confusing. Copays, deductibles, reimbursements, fees – it has truly evolved into what many call ‘pure chaos’.

Proposed solutions such as Obamacare have done little to quiet the confusion that continues to ensue. Patients continue to receive bills that they don’t understand and oftentimes can’t afford. We are seeing astronomical charges for tests and procedures that in reality cost only a fraction of what is presented on the statements patients receive. All of the rules, regulations and laws that are continually being added to the US healthcare system by government bureaucrats have made a complex system even less efficient than it already is.

The current system in place now has proven time and time again that it increases costs dramatically and confuses the patient and healthcare providers. Costs continue to rise and the complexity in the billing system is getting worse. If healthcare is operating with the patient’s care in mind, why isn’t there a heavier push for making the current system more user friendly? Reforms focusing on the needs of the patient and one that reinforces the doctor-patient relationship are a starting point for overhauling this inept system. A more localized system would simplify costs, breaking them down in a way the patient could understand. Patients and healthcare providers need to feel that they have more control over their healthcare needs. Doctors should be able to run patient based practices where they would not feel that their hands are tied by stringent and oftentimes nonsensical rules and mandates. Fortunately, a change for the better seems to be on the horizon. Our Way Health has a fantastic solution to most of the issues we see in our current sick-care model. Please join us either in the office for a complimentary visit where we can discuss your individual needs or come to one of our complimentary ‘Lunch with Your Doctor’ events in the Houston area.

“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system”

~ Walter Cronkite


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