About the staff

 Jay Medley

Jay Medley

Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder


Fascinate Advantage: Prestige + Power “The Victor”

Respected | Competitive | Results-Oriented | Concentrated | Exemplary 

As COO, Jay is the man behind the magic, making sure everything runs smoothly. He enjoys in-shore and off-shore fishing, golfing, hunting, and just being a dad to his two kids. His last name says it all. He’s a Medley of things. At just the age of 24, he was in charge of 8 corporate-owned pawn shops in Austin, has worked in operations, management, marketing consulting, business process automation and has run his own company. He is an Army veteran who has done two tours in Korea, a self-proclaimed knife-throwing champ, (used to be) trained in Jiu-Jitsu, and can go through anyone’s kitchen and make a delicious meal. Is always asking “will this process scale?”

“Ship it. Progress over perfection.”

 Kirk Sims

Kirk Sims

Vice President of Sales

Fascinate Advantage: Innovation + Mystique, “The Provocateur”

Clever | Adept | Contemporary | State-of-the-Art | Surprising

As VP of Sales, Kirk enjoys speaking with people about clever approaches to old and outdated processes, hanging out and traveling with his wife and 3 children, corralling their ridiculous amount of animals, growing Bonsai trees, and caring for their at-home bee garden and butterfly garden.

“Can you just make up one for me?” -Kirk Sims, when asked for a quote.

 Danielle Ennico

Danielle Ennico

Membership Advisor


Fascinate Advantage: Trust + Alert, “The Mediator”

Steadfast | Composed | Structured | Effectual | Standard-Bearer

Danielle is a born and raised Jersey girl who lived in California for a decade but now loves living in Texas. She has experience in the mortgage, magazine, and credit card industries. She spends most of her time raising her two kids with her husband, playing with her yellow lab, and volunteering at her kids’ school.

“Be kind, be humble, and help others.” 

 Cicely Barreiro

Cicely Barreiro

Content Manager

Fascinate Advantage: Mystique + Innovation, “The Secret Weapon”

Nimble | Unassuming | Independent | Reticent | Autonomously Creative

Enjoys creating surprising and creative content, organization, running, listening to podcasts, reading nonfiction books, all things space exploration, Cameron’s Organic Medium Roast coffee, and making lists. 

“Can I get a quote for your bio, please?”

 Laura Reyes

Laura Reyes


Fascinate Advantage: Trust + Passion, “The Authentic”

Approachable | Dependable | Trustworthy | Agreeable | Benevolent

She has practiced medicine for more than 17 years and has been apart of the FPC team since 2017. She enjoys spending time with family (when time permits), and she is passionate about her parents and their loving words of encouragement.

“Everyday is a second chance.”

 Ravena Grigsby, LVN

Ravena Grigsby, LVN

Licensed Vocational Nurse/Office Manager

Fascinate Advantage: Passion + Innovation, “The Catalyst”

Out-of-the-Box | Social | Energizing | Enthusiastic | Creative

The lovely face that greets you when you walk in our Spring Branch office, Ravena is a life-long Houstonian and gracefully juggles her duties as an LVN and office manager. She enjoys traveling, singing, dancing, and watching movies.

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” – Langston Hughes 

 Angie Garcia, NRCMA

Angie Garcia, NRCMA

The Woodlands Office Manager

Fascinate Advantage: Mystique + Alert, “The Archer”

On-Target | Reasoned | Pragmatic | Sharp | Under-the-Radar

Angie worked as a National Certified Medical Assistant for more than 8 years, and currently manages The Woodland’s clinic. She enjoys spending time with family and traveling.

“Hakuna matata.”

Sandra Sanchez, MA

Sandra Sanchez, MA

Pasadena Office Manager

Fascinate Advantage: Innovation + Passion, “The Rockstar”

Bold | Artistic | Unorthodox | Revolutionary | Sensational


After graduating from Remington College, Sandra went on to work as a medical assistant in rheumatology, infertility endocrinology, and primary care. Outside of work, she loves to cook and dance (not at the same time). She enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters, reading books, and solving puzzles (at the same time).


“Be like a sunflower, so that even on the darkest days, you will stand tall and always find the sunlight.”
 Brian Morris

Brian Morris

Doctor of Physical Therapy


As a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist, Brian owns and operates MVMT360 Physical Therapy, which partners with First Primary Care to help members recover from musculoskeletal injuries, and get people get back to their best self. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Libby, and their two sons. He enjoys golfing on the weekends, playing basketball, nurturing his fantasy football team, and participating in all the outdoor activities (sailing, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, to name a few).

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela


 Aalok Shah

Aalok Shah

Contract Chief Technology Officer

He has been the contractual technology wiz for FPC since 2017. He enjoys light travel, visiting family, watching movies, and learning about new topics in technology and medicine.

“Focus on something that matters to you.”