Every now and then, when a health concern arises, you might helplessly google your symptoms or surf Quora to find some answers.


But odds are, you’ll continue to live with the worry and pain until A) it subsides and you can blissfully ignore it, or B) it becomes so unbearable you’re rushed to the ER with version-A regrets.


All of this is in order to avoid that $100 doctor visit that might end with “you’re fine,” “get some rest,” or “take some painkillers.”


Who could blame you?


But here’s the thing:


Your problem isn’t your health; it’s your ‘healthcare.’


The reality of traditional ‘healthcare’ is: 

  • The average doctor takes care of about 2,300 patients.
  • Average face-to-face time with a doctor is less than 7 minutes.
  • You sit in the waiting room for an average of 20 minutes.
  • Americans, on average, pay an annual $5,000 out-of-pocket for healthcare.
  • About 70% of Americans agree that the traditional model is “in a state of crisis.”

So, the truth is: what you have is not healthcare; it’s sickcare.




Sickcare has forced us to believe that our health is just not worth the price. In turn, ignoring our concerns has become the norm, leading to greater issues that bring us to the doctor’s office anyway. 



Who’s there for you for your daily health concerns?

Who answers your followup questions with no extra cost?

Who will text, call or video-chat you when you have an emergency?

Who will get you the best deals on prescriptions and lab work?



If you don’t have a good answer, let’s daydream for a minute. Sit back, relax, and venture into the wonderful world of Surprisingly Simple Healthcare. 



Imagine this: 



It’s a warm Friday afternoon and you’re walking your dog around the neighborhood. Then, you notice a slight soreness in your throat and tightness in your chest. 



You don’t worry. Instead of jumping to conclusions—like *cough* diagnosing yourself with coronavirus—you grab your phone and send a quick text to Dr. Vo, your primary care physician. 



Dr. Vo knows your medical history, so she has a better understanding of what might be the issue.



As you carry on through the day, she talks you through the symptoms you’re experiencing, leading to the conclusion that you likely have allergies rather than COVID-19, and consults you with treatment.



Sigh. Efficient consultation with no copay, and no bills later at your doorstep —what a magical thing. 



That night, you’re working in the yard when a wasp stings you on the arm. It begins to itch and swell and sting, but you don’t worry. Instead, you give Dr. Vo a quick call, who guides you on the next steps while she finds the best-price-deal prescription for you to pick up. You’re treated in the next 30 minutes, and she checks in on you the next few days to see how you’re healing. 



The next week, you’re at work when your right eye starts itching and watering. (It’s really been a rough week for you, huh?) Your coworkers might think you’re crying, but you don’t worry. Instead, you video chat Dr. Vo, and she calls in a Walmart prescription for pink eye. You pick it up during break and within 2 days your symptoms are resolved.



No appointments.
No wait rooms.
No copays.
No rush.

Just simple, effective care.



This is what dreams are made of. The best part is that this can be your reality. Livin’ the healthcare dream.


Opting for version-B is like ignoring the spark until the house is in flames. That type of care sucks. Unlike sickcare, preventative medicine is more focused on being proactive rather than reactive.



First Primary Care physicians oversee less than 600 patients each. That is almost 400% less than physicians at traditional practices. With unlimited access at a flat monthly fee, this allows our physicians to work through health obstacles and toward your health goals together.



A system that makes you hesitate to visit your doc, makes you wait once you’re there, makes you pay once you’re done? Medical advice from a 5-star Quora member who’s supposedly seen it all? That’s so yesterday.



At First Primary Care, we care for you always— not just when you’re sick. It’s time you cared too.

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