In last weeks post we shared some thoughts about why physicians are moving away from traditional medicine models to a new practice. This is a very important topic from the Doctors point of view. If you missed it you can read about it HERE This weeks post is about a story that is growing and people, even government, is starting to wise up! To get the full impact of Anjalee Khemlani’s story in NJBIZ, CLICK HERE.

In this very well written article, Anjalee, seemingly promotes the success of R-Health, a no-fee direct primary care service with the largest contract of it’s kind. After reading it, I know there are many more contracts like this to come, but this is substantial because it happens to be the State of New Jersey that opted for this type of platform.  

The Direct Primary Care Pilot Program That WORKS

Here at First Primary Care, we are no stranger to this model, in fact, it is OUR model – a direct payer primary care service where we promote, just as Anjalee points out about R-Health and the reason the State of New Jersey chose this model over the traditional insurance model their employees, “keeping people healthy and well and out of and away from expensive specialty visits”. The key in this model is the doctors are incentivized to engage with their patients outside the normal office visits to help keep them healthy and well. So based on that, this model gets away from the traditional ‘fee-for-service” model and provides the consumer with a very different value care based model. What is really cool is we have this to offer you now at First Primary Care, no need to wait for the State governments to figure this out for you, your family or your company, you can get it NOW. Simply go to and let us help you put value back into your healthcare. To get the full impact of Anjalee Khemlani’s story in NJBIZ, CLICK HERE.  


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