Dear faculty and staff,

This year we are introducing/offering a new health care benefit for you and your family members – discounted membership with First Primary Care.

By joining First Primary Care, you will get unlimited, unrestricted access to Virtual or In-Person Office Visits for $0 Co-pay (no deductible or coinsurance).  

You will have direct, personal access to your OWN personal physician by secure phone, text, video calls or in-person office visits.

By offering this membership, we hope to make healthcare more Convenient, Higher Quality and much more Affordable for the Whole Family.

No more waiting in a crowded lobby full of sick people.

No more postponing or procrastinating when it comes to your health with same or next day appointments.

No more rushed office visits and expensive unnecessary testing.

The traditional healthcare model makes seeing a doctor difficult and expensive.  First Primary Care gives you direct, unrestricted access to a primary care physician for a low monthly rate.

We encourage all faculty and staff to consider this amazing program as well as provide feedback as we strive to improve the health and healthcare benefits for our people.

To better health!

The Joy School

Imagine this: Your daughter gets sent home from school with pink eye. Do you:


Call out of work and try to get in with your local pediatrician sometime that week


Take your chances with urgent care, wait around with a bunch of sick people, and hope you can still call in to your 11am meeting, or


Text your doctor some close-ups of the eye, and within 45 minutes have a filled prescription, a resting kiddo, some Starbucks, and plenty of time to hop on the conference line?

If you answered C. – you already know the power of Direct Primary Care.

But if you’ve never had the pleasure of texting your doctor and avoiding the waiting room all together… You’ll want to keep reading.

What First Primary Care offers to members isn’t exactly new. Direct Primary Care is the way healthcare used to be, back when doctors knew their patients personally – not just by the chart on the door. It’s the way our grandparents worked with their doctors: directly and without a middleman (the insurance companies) dictating care, attention, or cost.

The main difference?

Today’s direct primary care clinics operate on a low-cost monthly membership, allowing patients to make the right decisions for their health… Without worrying about the cost. And of course, today’s direct primary care practices have all the convenience and benefits modern technology and medicine have to offer. (Like virtual appointments. Online booking. Advanced lab work. And more.)

Introducing Primary365 – Membership Based Healthcare

Watch The Video Below And Discover How Primary365 Works…


Primary365 Membership Includes…


Unlimited Access to a Doctor You Trust

First Primary Care knows that the first step to health is access. That’s why we offer unlimited access to your physician – instead of sending you to a stranger at Urgent Care. Whether it’s a kiddo running a fever or a question about prescriptions, when you have a question, your doctor is here for you and your family.

  • After hours availability via secure communication app – Spruce Health.
  • Same day phone or video consults
  • In-office appointments with no wait times

Being a member with First Primary Care means always having convenient access to the physician you trust. With unlimited consultations as a benefit of membership, and so many ways to access them, there’s never a reason to put your health on the back burner.


Your Doctor’s Full Attention

While you might think having your doctor’s full attention is a given, think back to your last doctor’s appointment:
The average appointment time is just 11 minutes before they have to dash down the hall to the next patient. Did you feel like you had their full focus?

If you’ve been using an average practice, probably not.

At First Primary Care, there are no insurance-mandated patient minimums or reams of claims paperwork sending your doctor running. There’s no middle man calling the shots.

It’s just you, your doctor, and their undivided attention for the duration of your appointment (and beyond).


Prevention and Outcome-Focused Care

You may have noticed: Most of modern healthcare is focused on reacting to health problems – instead of preventing them. At First Primary Care, we do things a little differently. We operate with the philosophy that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It’s one of the things that makes a practice like ours so special.

Our patient onboarding allows us to identify risk factors for patients, catch undiagnosed health issues, and take a status report on any health concerns you might already be dealing with, so we can create a plan for helping you reach your best health (and keeping you there).

And according to our members, it’s working: in a recent survey 79% reported that their health had improved as a result of their membership with First Primary Care.


Technology (and Convenience) at Your Service

Walk into most doctor’s offices, and the technology seems very one-sided. The doctors have iPads with electronic charts connected directly to their diagnostic equipment… But none of that translates to the patient.

You still have to request your medical records the old fashioned way, go through the receptionist when you need to connect with your doctor, and you still have to drive across town and sit in the waiting room for your appointment.

At First Primary Care we’re using technology to break down the barriers between patients and their health.

  • If you need your doctor, you just send them a text in our secure messaging app – Spruce Health
  • Need a consult in a hurry? You can meet with your doctor via video chat the same day
  • Can’t remember what your doctor told you about your cholesterol? Just log into our online portal for all of your appointment notes, recommendations, and records

Across the board, we’re using technology to make healthcare more accessible – and to put you in control of your health.


Personalized Care & A Partner You Can Rely On

We know that the best healthcare comes from a doctor who knows you. But how many people really know their doctors anymore?

Our patient onboarding process is designed to make sure your First Primary Care doctor knows you from day one. From health risks and current concerns to your personal care preferences, we’re here to make your healthcare personal. The way it should be.

  • If you’d like to try acupuncture? We support you.
  • Want to try an herbal remedy? We’ll help you research the best protocol.
  • Interested in solving a concern through nutrition first? We’ll help you find a nutritionist you love.

At First Primary Care, we’re here to partner in your whole health, within our walls and beyond, to tailor a plan that fits your health.


*In-Office Appointment Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM to 1PM

Off-hours or off-site coverage is available via phone or electronic devices

*Our team is very accessible and can work around even the most difficult schedule. Other times available upon request for in-office visits.  Please ask your provider for availability.

First Primary Care – Spring Branch
8582 Katy Freeway, Suite 110
Houston, TX 77024
Phone: (713) 280-7991 (Member Services)

First Primary Care – The Woodlands
25144 Grogans Park Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Phone: (281) 549-8060

First Primary Care – Sugar Land
12930 Dairy Ashford Rd Ste 301
Sugar Land, TX, 77478

Opening April 2019 – Pre-enrollment now open.

Medical Services Included with Membership…

At First Primary Care, your monthly membership covers a wide-range of medical services with no co-pay or additional fees. You can visit the doctor with peace of mind knowing your healthcare is covered by a family doctor who is committed to providing outstanding patient care, without the outstanding insurance fees and inflated lab costs. We pass on wholesale pricing to our customers so that you can stop wondering about your medical bills and focus on living an active, healthy life.

Family Medicine
On Time Routine Office Visits $150/visit $0
Same Day Illness and Injury Visits $450 $0
Virtual Consults with Your Doctor Not available Priceless!
Annual Exams w/ Blood Work $500 $0
Weight Loss Coaching/Consultation $250/hr $0
Chronic Disease Management (ie; hypertension, diabetes, depression, etc.) $200/visit $0
Nebulized Breathing Treatments $125 $0
Flu Test $30 $0
Strep Test $30 $0
Skin Care
Wound Care $150 $0
Removal of Minor Lesions $250 $0
Biopsies of Skin Growths and Moles (Does not include cost of Pathology fee) $250 $0
Cryotherapy for growths $250 $0
Wart Removal $250 $0
Minor Procedures
Laceration Repair (Stitches) $150 and up $0
Joint Injections $250 and up $0
Electrocardiograms (EKG) $60 $0
Venipuncture (Lab Draw) $30 $0
Abscess Drainage $150 $0
IV Hydration $150 $0
Spirometry $125 $0
Women’s Health
Annual Well-Woman Exams $600 $0
Family Planning counseling $150/hr $0
Intrauterine Device Removal/Insertion (Lost of IUD not included) $200 $0
Urine Pregnancy Testing $30 $0
STD Testing $600 $70
Hormone Replacement Testing/Counseling/Replacement $250-600 Wholesale
Evaluation of Irregular Periods $250 $0
Men's Health
Testosterone panel $300 $30
Testosterone replacement injectable (once weekly injections) $300/month $25/mo
Testosterone replacement cream $400/mo $25/mo
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs $50/pill $5/pill
Well child exams $250 $0
Sports Physicals $100 $0

Some example rates…

X-Rays w/ Interpretation $300 $0
MRI $3000 $0
CT $2000 $0
Ultrasound $1200 $0
Screening Mammogram $400 $0

Some example savings…

Annual Labs $300 $0 (Once Annually)
Blood Glucose $30 $0
INR $30 $0
Hemoglobin A1c $50 $0
Urinanalysis $50 $0
Cholesterol Panel $50 $0
Complete Metabolic Panel $150 $0
Full Thryroid Panel $150 $0
Generic Medications

Some example rates…

Amlodipine 10mg $10
Lisinopril 10mg $10
Hyzaar 100/25 $15
Metformin 500mg ER $10
Atorvastatin (Generic Lipitor) 40mg $15
Levothyroxine (Generic Synthroid) 100mcg $20
Azithromycin (Z-pak – One pack) $10
Augmentin (10-d supply) $10
Other Common Services
DOT Exams $100 $0 for members
Colonoscopy $4000 $0 (Preferred provider only)
Sleep Study $1200 $(150-300)

The Joy School Exclusive Pricing

How To Enroll & Get Started…

To get started, click the orange button below and register with First Primary Care.  You’ll be sent an email with instructions how to complete your online health intake questionnaire.   If you add a spouse, please supply us with their email and mobile number as well so we can send the health intake questionnaire to them as well.

Once you finish the health intake questionnaire, you’ll be given instructions on how to download and install the Spruce Health app on your smartphone.  Please do both of these steps right away.

After you download and install Spruce Health, we’ll introduce you to your new personal physician and set up a quick 15-minute introductory call with them.