In last weeks post we shared a fascinating article written by Dave Chase, ​Executive producer at the Big Heist. Dave wrote about what some of the nations top attorneys are doing to ‘right the ship’ and get our health benefits held to the same strict standards as what 401k’s have to adhere to. If you missed it read about it HERE

The Value of a Direct Primary Care Physician

Why are physicians in our great nation moving away from traditional medicine models to a new practice that was once considered alternative? In direct primary care, physicians don’t take insurance but instead charge patients a flat monthly fee that covers much more than just office visits.

Traditional doctors and clinics spend way too much time and money on paperwork that is required to keep in compliance and getting paid from the Insurance companies. They are not spending that time where they need to; caring for their patients.

Most Physicians spent all that time in school to actually practice medicine, what they really want is to spend more time with their patients.

In the fee for service medicine model, the family doctor and staff have to build up a high volume of patients, so they don’t have the time to build relationships.

The patients suffer and the doctor has a heavy work load that limits the quality of care they can provide. Most doctors are distressed by how little time they get to spend with their patients.

This is a growing movement that benefits not only the doctors and the patients, it also benefits whole communities. Members are taking personal responsibility for their own healthcare and removing the time consuming paperwork from the mix. This lowers the cost and gives the Individuals and families improved quality healthcare. The physicians that have made this transition are spending more time with their patients and their families too.

Look at some of the benefits your new doctor has in this direct primary care model. Without insurance paperwork, there is no need to hire extra staff and therefore they have less overhead which saves money and time. We have also seen big improvements in streamlining communications with new HIPPAA compliant technology. Apps on your smartphone allow you and your doctor to monitor your daily routines and adjust your care without having to schedule time to come in for an appointment.

Because the doctor has more time to care for their patients, they can now build relationships with specialists and testing facilities who have agreed to discounted rates. These cash prices result in huge savings for you and your family.

With the help of groups and organizations like the Free Market Medical Association the Doctors are feeling supported and confident enough to offer their patients services that are not based on price but a solid foundation based on CARE.


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