If it’s been a while since you’ve exercised, or you’re looking for something easy you can do every day, give walking a try. It’s a really good low impact way to exercise. It’s easy to do, you don’t need any special equipment and you can start at any fitness level. If you haven’t exercised much lately, we recommend you start out with an easy routine. Maybe your doctor suggested that you move around more, or maybe you just want to be proactive about your health and well-being. In either case, walking is the perfect way to start. Find a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes and go for a stroll through your neighborhood.

You could also find a local park with a nice path you can walk on. If the weather doesn’t permit walking outside, head to your local mall and walk or hop on a treadmill. Here’s a simple little idea to get you moving more. If you find yourself sitting on the couch at night watching TV, get up during commercial breaks and march in place until your show comes back on.

If you’re using a service like Netflix, make yourself walk in place for 10 minutes in between episodes. Why not challenge yourself to march in place during the entire show. Time will fly while you’re having fun watching your favorite show. Going for a walk outside can be a lot of fun too. Mix up your route and walk in different areas of town, or visit different parks. Invite a friend to come along with you or join a local walking group. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to and having a walking buddy keeps you accountable.

Last but not least, grab your phone or MP3 player and listen to podcasts, music, or audio books as you walk to make the time go by faster. The main thing is to move around and get some exercise in a way that’s gentle on your joints, your heart, and the rest of your body and that’s what walking will do for you. Just give it a try and see if you don’t start to feel better, happier, and stronger after a few weeks of regular walks.  


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