What is direct primary care and is it worth it?

“Direct Primary Care aligns the incentives of the doctor and patient really well, which is something that has not happened in healthcare for decades.” – Geetinder Goyal, MD

What is direct primary care?

Direct primary care is a membership-based model of healthcare that allows patients direct access to their doctor for one, fixed monthly fee. This direct access drastically improves quality of care by removing the insurance barrier from primary care, allowing patients to spend unlimited time with their doctor, in person or virtually.


Membership fees vary by age, but most commonly cost around $99 a month. Patients are never charged co-pays, in-office fees, or required to hit a deductible. 


Direct primary care physicians act as “healthcare quarterbacks” by facilitating care even outside of primary care needs—including specialist visits, emergency consultations, and price shopping for any medical procedures and medications. 

What are the benefits of direct primary care?

This kind of care isn’t new. We’ve just strayed so far from the original intention of healthcare that we forgot how it should feel—like having a doctor that works for you.

Everyone has a unique set of health needs, history, and goals. Having a doctor that works for you (instead of some insurance company) means you’re benefiting in all these ways:


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