Hypertension and Blood Pressure – Keys to Your Health

Blood pressure is one of the five major vital signs (along with body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation).

During each beat, your heart alternates between pumping blood in your arteries with a systolic pressure (when it’s contracted) and a diastolic pressure (when it’s relaxed). These two numbers are used in combination to measure blood pressure. 110/70 (systolic)/(diastolic) There are a number of other factors weighing in on blood pressure, such as the amount of blood in your body, the condition of your arteries, and the amount of force with which your heart is able to contract.

Why is it important?

Blood carries oxygen and nutrition to your cells, and so a properly working body needs a properly working vascular system to deliver these vital resources to their destination. High blood pressure or hypertension puts pressure on the arteries, and over time can result in a weakened heart, kidney disease and a host of other health problems.

How do we measure and monitor it?

Typically blood pressure is measured by taking readings from the upper arms, using a tool called sphygmomanometer. In extreme cases (such as in operating rooms after accidents) invasive methods may be used to measure arterial pressure. A number of devices are available to monitor blood pressure at home, but for a complete diagnosis, and putting the readings in context of your entire health, an ongoing relationship with your care team at Our Way Health is recommended.

In case of problems

Irregularities in blood pressure are often ignored, and can lead to serious complications over time. Low blood pressure is easier to recognize, as it presents with easily recognizable symptoms: lightheadedness, dizziness, and weakness or fainting. High blood pressure, however, is much harder to recognize due to the lack of consistent symptoms, many of which only present in already severe stages. If you have a predisposition for blood pressure problems, consult your doctor for an appropriate course of action. Your Our Way Health membership not only includes regular monitoring, but also a comprehensive context through your health charter, and an educational approach that emphasizes lifestyle choices, to minimize the need for medication and prevent costly complications.

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