Why Employers Who Offer Direct Primary Care Have Happier Employees

Direct Primary Care (DPC) healthcare is growing in popularity among employers as it brings unmatched value to employees while saving money.

What is direct primary care and why are employees loving it?

  • Monthly subscription includes unlimited office visits, virtual communication, and annual lab work.
  • Prescription refills made easy and affordable (care teams will shop for you to make sure you’re getting the best deal.)
  • 45+ minute one-on-one consultations with your own doctor
  • Preventative care is prioritized—fix your sleep, formulate a healthy exercise and diet plan, and get that weird rash examined, finally.
  • No waiting, ever.
  • Need to see a specialist or get a test done? Your doctor knows all the best ones in the area, at the lowest cash pay price.

    Basically, DPC is the manifestation of all the things you dream up while you sit in that waiting room 40 minutes past your appointment time.

Employees are suffering with long waits, impersonal care and expensive out-of-pocket costs, making it harder and harder to be healthy and happy.

Most of the workforce is completely unaware of direct primary care as an option. And yet, when told it would decrease their out-of-pocket cost and improve quality of care, more than 80% of employees say they would sign up for an all-inclusive direct primary care plan given the chance. 

Secure your key employees & attract the best talent

When it comes to benefits, employees are searching for more than just average health insurance plans and an office ping pong table. That’s why innovative employers are opting for DPC, an high-value benefit that employees will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

And it’s not just a benefit for employees and their dependents, according to Hint Health, the potential ROI for employers is 11% per employee, per month. Employers have already seen similar successes through Houston-based DPC, First Primary Care.

Tons of businesses see unbelievable success

When decision makers see the opportunity to solve the major pain points—cost and quality—it often seems too good to be true. But those who have taken the leap, have reaped the benefits.

Achilles Group is a fractional HR expertise provider who’s been offering their employees direct primary care for more than a year.

An experienced broker at Higginbotham
worked with Achilles Group to build their own
unique health benefits strategy.

They strategically provided those on the health
plan with a First Primary Care membership
to improve access to premium care, reduce
claims, and help guide their people to the
best outcomes for the lowest cost. Then, they
selected an innovative Third Party Administrator
who fully embraces the benefits of direct

primary care to set up and manage a level self-
funded group plan.

 The plan design incentives First Primary Care usage over the traditional medical options that are also included in the
plan so employees have great options all the way

With this strategy, Achilles Group came in
almost $2,500 Per Employee Per Year under their
projected spend amount in 2021 and is providing
enhanced bene ts from their previous “Carrier
Built Plan.”

Hou-Oracle Management Company finds success in direct primary care

Before finding First Primary Care, HOU-Oracle employees were paying hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket each month. On top of that, the

company was faced with paying an enormous amount in premiums for each employee. This led Managing Director Rick Clark to deciding it was time to search for alternatives.

With not much to lose, Rick decided to take the little-known path and give First Primary Care a try. Like most people, Rick still had hesitations and a “this is too good to be true” mindset, so we set up a few employees on a membership for a year. After that year, the benefits were undeniable, and the rest of the team was enrolled in a First Primary Care membership with Sedera Medical Cost Sharing for large, unexpected medical costs.

HR Manager Julia reported that within six months employees already understood the benefits of First Primary Care and can’t imagine going back to traditional insurance. In addition to improved quality, HOUOracle is covering 100% of the cost for their employees while only paying third of what they were paying before.

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