Get In Sync With Your Health – Completing The Cycle

Your Rhythm of Health

Our approach to medicine rests on four pillars of health. Your rhythm of health matters. In our previous blog posts, we explored the first three: rest, digestion, and elimination.

All these are joined in a rhythm ending and restarting with the fourth: cleansing, both actively (through, for example, exercise) and passively (by triggering unconscious processes within our bodies).

The Cycle Of Well-Being

Our health is at best when it’s following a rhythm; and similar to tuning our radios to a particular station, our bodies have their own particular wavelength on which they operate the best.

Discovering your own preferences, and finding what works for you is a process, with which we can help. But all individual particularities are aligned with a few general steps within the cycle.

Where Nature and Nurture Meets

Medicine is slowly shifting from treating symptoms with an often overkill of chemical treatments to embracing a more careful approach that aims to correct the root of those symptoms through natural remedies.

We can start acknowledging that our bodies, should we let them, are more than capable of much of the heavy lifting in terms of defending against illness, and taking care of detoxication and cleaning themselves.

Keep It Simple – Health Habits That Last

To ensure a sustainable well-being, we believe in treating the root cause, not simply bombing the symptoms. Drastic (in contrast) medical treatments are only effective if in the process we are not at fault for creating ways for diseases to be even more resistant.

For the most part, preempting problems by more gentle ways yields better results. These range from physical exercise to recognizing our own bodies’ processes and rhythms, and strengthening them through traditional, non-invasive practices like Panchakarma.

Where To Go From Here?

On our website you’ll find a continuous stream of helpful information, to help you along this way, and get accustomed to the different rhythm we believe will go a long way to forming healthy habits.

Through a unique relationship with every patient, the doctors at Our Way Health are capable of providing both generic advice and tailored translation of the minuscule early signs of health issues.
Welcome to a better health – for you!


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