Debunking Common Myths about Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is relatively new on the scene when it comes to healthcare, so there are certainly misconceptions and myths about the system that are widely believed. But don’t believe everything you hear! To help you get down to the bottom of what’s true about DPC and what’s totally off the walls, we’ve put together a list of myths and what the truth is behind them. Keep reading to learn them all!


Myth 1: It’s more expensive than traditional health insurance


This is a completely untrue myth, thank you very much. While many are inclined to think that DPC is too expensive, that is simply not true. Research shows that if patients added up the cost of their insurance premiums, deductibles, and copays, they would learn that DPC is a much more affordable healthcare option. This even takes into account the presence of a “wraparound plan” to cover any emergency room or hospital visits.


Myth 2: I won’t have access to tests and procedures


It’s not uncommon for patients to not fully understand the scope of services that DPC physicians offer. It goes way past what a run-of-the-mill primary care physician offers! From dermatology to gynecology, a DPC doctor can be relied on for almost everything you need, and this type of healthcare also includes many procedures and tests that patients of traditional insurance models would have to receive at an alternate facility. This means that most procedures and tests are, in fact, available to DPC patients.


Myth 3: My doctor won’t be available enough in this model


This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! Although many may fear that their DPC doctor may not have adequate time to devote to them. However, this is untrue as DPC doctors are actually more accessible and have an abundance of time to spend with each of their valued patients. This is because a practice devoid of insurance means there is less time spent on claims and paperwork and more time spent face-to-face with patients. This leads to a strengthened doctor-patient relationship, increased face time, and more communication.


Myth #4: It’s not a real form of healthcare


This is probably the weirdest myth at all, but it’s nonetheless out there! Some believe that DPC is not even a legitimate or present method of receiving healthcare, which is obviously not true. Some people think that this idea is one that is old fashioned, especially since DPC doctors not only diagnose patients with ailments, but also monitor their condition and provide treatment. We know that this may seem too good to be true, but believe us – it exists!


There you have it! There are many myths out there circling the idea of DPC, but it doesn’t mean that everything you hear is accurate. We can provide you with our views, ideas, and knowledge surrounding DPC, so call us today to learn more about this awesome benefit.


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