You may already know that Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model where patients pay a monthly retainer directly to their doctor, completely cutting out the middleman that is the insurance provider. This means it’s easier for patients to get appointments with their doctor, a better doctor-patient relationship, and many other perks that are not associated the same way with a more traditional healthcare model. One of the other reasons that people love DPC is because of how it integrates technology.

In today’s world, being “connected” in as many ways as possible is endlessly important, so today we’re highlighting how DPC maintains that connection and provides patients with great care and a wonderful experience.


Your doctor contacts you in more tech-friendly ways

Rather than patients having to call into a receptionist’s desk to reach their DPC doctor as they would in more traditional healthcare models, DPC doctors have different methods of communicating with their patients. By that, we mean that they are more inclined to take advantage of modern technology to communicate, which is a great way to make the lives of your employees easier.

DPC doctors are known to text or email their patients to arrange appointments or even to answer questions on the fly, which is convenient and refreshing. It also makes perfect sense, since everyone is constantly checking their emails and text messages more than they are their voicemails or talking on their phones.

Some DPC doctors even take this as far as sharing their calendars with their patients or taking advantage of the ease of communication to ensure that care is continued for a patient, even outside of the appointment or outside of the doctor’s office.

DPC doctors have more time to commit to technology

One reason that DPC doctors are able to harness technology as an anchor of their practice is because they have the time to devote to it. This is where they differ from doctors at more traditional practices. Without the burden of insurance paperwork or communicating with those representatives and companies, DPC doctors have an abundance of time to focus on developing their practice the way that they should, including a focus on ensuring that the most up-to-date and useful technology is used at their practice, which – of course – benefits their patients.

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