While Direct Primary Care (DPC) appeals to a wide range of individuals due to its wide range of benefits, it’s not always regarded how much it appeals to older patients in need of health care.

Because baby boomers are an aging generation – while many of them are still a part of the workforce – it’s important that companies provide benefits that are something that older patients will want to take advantage of in addition to the millennials and middle-aged employees. DPC does just that, so it’s not something to discount!

Keep reading to learn why DPC appeals to middle-aged and older patients…


It helps them stay in touch with their health

As you age, it’s more important than ever to be in close contact with your doctors. Frequent check ups make it easier to detect any chronic issues or to detect potential issues that could arise, allowing patients to put preventive care efforts into place.

DPC allows patients to meet with their doctors more often than that of regular practices and insurance models, given the fact that DPC physicians take on less patients, have more flexible schedules, and are spending less time working on clerical duties or completing paperwork.


It helps them increase wellness efforts

Staying active, fit, and overall healthy is important for every patient, but it’s especially vital for patients that are middle aged or over. DPC doctors have a tighter connection to their patients, as we mentioned above. Along with this comes their efforts to get their patients involved in wellness efforts such as exercise groups, wellness challenges, and so on.

Just having in-depth conversations with doctors can lead to initiatives in these patients lives that they wouldn’t ordinarily pursue, helping them to achieve a more active lifestyle, healthier eating habits, or all of the above!


It’s a chance for them to work with technology

Many older individuals actually want to learn to use technology and to take part of this part of the ever-changing world! DPC practices allow patients to be more involved with technology, as many of these doctor’s offices have high-tech in-office solutions such as iPads for client records.

DPC doctors are also known to communicate via text and email rather than simply over the telephone, which is a great use of technology that provides faster and easier access which appeals to older generations!

These are just some of the ways DPC is appealing to older patients. Keeping them in touch with their health, increasing overall wellness efforts, and integrating technology are huge benefits to middle-aged and older patients.

Learn more about how DPC can improve your quality of care.

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