Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a unique and innovative healthcare model that works to enhance the patient experience in a variety of ways. From decreased waiting room times, easier check ins, and a quicker timetable associated with attaining a doctor’s appointment, there’s no shortage of benefits offered to patients when it comes to enrolling in a DPC benefits plan.

One of the benefits of this model that isn’t always apparent to patients is that doctors at DPC practices are working harder to keep their patients engaged.

Not only does this show that these doctors care deeply for their patients, but it also suggests that patients will get more out of this primary care physician-patient relationship than they would get at a different kind of doctor’s office.

Keep reading to learn the ways that DPC physicians are keeping patients engaged, making a difference in their health and their life!


They talk about their health goals

Everyone has goals in their life, and people commonly have goals that center around their health. Perhaps they’re looking to lose weight or maybe they’re aiming to get a better night’s sleep to provide their body with more rest. No matter what it is, it’s important for a primary care physician to discuss these goals with his or her patients.

Then, they need to take it one step further. They should talk through the plan to reaching those goals, making them more than a vision: a reality in the works! This helps to keep patients engaged and it also is bound to make them healthier, even if it is a slow-going movement!

They make it fun and seasonal

Even though health is a serious topic, that doesn’t mean that doctors can’t make it fun and engaging for their patients! DPC doctors have the time to dedicate to going above and beyond when it comes to their patients and the interactions they have with them.

They can send newsletters with a delicious fall recipe or spotlighting upcoming events that promote an active lifestyle within the community. This helps patients to stay engaged and it enhances their lives!

They talk about their values

As we mentioned above, DPC practitioners have more time to devote to their patients on a more individualized level. This means that they can have engaging and meaningful talks with them, taking the time to learn about their values and understand what makes them who they are.

That can give a more informative view into their health and lifestyle, helping doctors to piece together the best way to care for these patients and the root of any of their health issues.

There you have it! DPC doctors take the time to engage their patients and get to know them on a different level than run-of-the-mill doctors. This leads to healthier and happier patients!

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